Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 1

Monday, June 15, 2015 - 7:00am

The Season 3 premiere of Defiance certainly didn't contain a plethora of kisses and hugs and cuddles. In fact, the two-hour extravaganza -- in which not one but three major characters were killed off and one completely new Votan race was added to the already boiling-over melting pot -- was all about the ultraviolence.

See our (multi-colored) blood-soaked Top Moments below.

  1. Ballistic: Berlin vs. Irisa


    Irisa got quite the homecoming upon her and Nolan's return to Defiance (which, in the seven months since the events of Season Two, has become a snow-covered near-ghost town due to the economic crisis caused by the inaccessibility of the McCawley Mines). She'd barely been back for thirty seconds before Berlin, still sore over the death of Tommy and the, er, mass destruction of the Season Two finale, proceeded to beat the holy shtako out of her. Irisa was content to play punching bag through this extended beating, as she's understandably now a bit gun-shy when it comes to any form of conflict. Oof.
  2. R.I.P. McCawleys

    Make a Decision

    It was bad enough that Quentin was shot in the head at point-blank range right in front of his father, Rafe. But then Rafe, in the words of Datak, "got gunned down like a dog," and Stahma sliced open her daughter-in-law Christie's throat lest her human-Votan hybrid baby be discovered by the ultra-patriotic (and ultra-psycho) Votanis Collective splinter gang run by General Rahm Tak (we'll get to him in a sec). Quentin, Rafe and Christie are now officially out of a gig for the rest of the season. We'll miss them madly.
  3. The Tao of Rahm Tak


    Oh man, we love (and hate) this guy. He's crazy. And kind of charming in that weird way some crazy people manage to be. General Rahm Tak, lover of Johnny Cash and other bits of Earthling pop culture, is en route with his Votanis Collective cronies to Defiance to kill every last human and stick their heads on spikes. He's also holding Alak as hostage to get Datak and Stahma to do his evil bidding. We call it madness; Tak calls it poetry.
  4. Doc Yewll: A Great Big Tub of Spackle


    If anyone needs a little humility every now and then, it's the ever-cocky, ever-judgmental (and, yes, ever-amusing) Doc Yewll. However, what happened to her in this season's premiere was more than a little harsh. Y'see, Indogenes were actually manufactured by the Omec, the aforementioned new Votan race, for various uses ... one of which was to provide protoform, a substance that can be used to treat wounded Omec. And protoform is none other than ... Indogene skin. In order to save the life of Kindzi, the daughter of Omec alpha T'evgin, Nolan and Amanda had to hold down a screaming, humiliated and terrified Doc and slice off a piece of her. Yeesh.
  5. Rage of the Lady Omec


    Do Not Taunt the Omec. A young Castithan boy, the son of Defiance's bookseller, found this out the ... well, the dead way. When Kindzi was being held in Berlin's jail cell, a trio of kids thought it might be fun to stick a long, thin, impalement-ready piece of metal through the window in an attempt to poke the newcomer Votan, and, well, she poked back. Cue another angry mob, the default recreational activity for Defiance. Off to a great start!

    See you next week for Season 3, Episode 2 ...