Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 9

Monday, August 10, 2015 - 7:00am

Defiance Season 3, Episode 9: "When Twilight Dims the Sky Above" brought the arrival of a Votanis Collective bigwig, the confirmation of a legitimate love triangle, Nolan going bonkers and Kindzi off the leash. Suffice to say it was one for the books!

Land Down Under



I met a strange lady, she made me nervous
She took me in and gave me breakfast

Actually, it was T'evgin who made Stahma pancakes, but how could we resist a reference to one of Men at Work's most popular singles after the Omec asked his Castithan concubine to run away with him to the mythical island known as Australia? It was downright romantic, proving these two are more -- a lot more -- than just sex buddies. Datak's barely been (allegedly) dead for a few days and T'evgin's already swooping in to take his place -- after being in stasis pods for thousands of years, these Omec move fast.

A Strategic Alliance

A Strategic Alliance


The Votanis Collective rolled into town, which made Amanda and Nolan all sorts of nervous upon them blowing Rahm Tak to kingdom come last week. Fortunately, Chancellor Silora Voske put them at ease with confirmation that ol' Rahm was rogue, thanking them for killing off the cuckoo and offering all sorts of political and military support in return. The VC also wants to make peace with the Omec ... are bluer skies really in store for Defiance? Of course not, but we savor these fleeting moments of hope.

Everyone Loves Stahma



Well, not everyone -- just the two most powerful men in town, T'evgin and Datak. It was a brief but powerful moment when these two alpha males faced off as T'evgin admitted that Stahma is definitely something more than just a pretty, clever little Castithan he makes pancakes for every now and then. They both love the same woman ... and they just quietly accepted this fact rather than come to fisticuffs. Quite lovely, actually.

All These Lesser Races

All These Lesser Races


It's bad enough that Nolan has a head full of malfunctioning ark tech, survivor's guilt and whiskey, but now Kindzi is free from her stasis pod and looking to crash the peace talks between T'evgin and the VC. This is one soiree that won't end cordially ... though the biggest party-crasher, suprisingly, isn't our ravenous lady Omec.

She's Outta Control



Oh, man ... now Kindzi's really crossed the line. Not only did she escape from being grounded to her stasis pod without any supper thanks to Doc Yewll, but she's now really acting out by turning the Omec drones against her own father. Where is this all headed? Do we need to actually fear for T'evgin's well-being? We'll have to wait n' see ...

See you next week for Season 3, Episode 10 ...