Defiance News

Guest Star Alert!: Ian Ziering Rolling Into Defiance

Jun 25 - 4:50pm

The Sharknado star will be playing Conrad Von Bach, arms dealer and ex-lover of Jessica 'Berlin' Rainer.

Defiance: Everything You Need To Know

Jun 24 - 4:48pm

One of the best parts about Defiance is the amazing world and characters that the show creators have . . . well . . . created.

Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 2

Jun 22 - 7:00am

Irisa let the bad guy go, Pilar got shot, Stahma and T'evgin flirted all over the place and baby Luke went home to Grandma and Grandpa Tarr.

Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 1

Jun 15 - 7:00am

The Season 3 premiere all about the beatin', stabbin', slicin', shootin' and killin'.

Defiance: Look Ahead to Season 3

Jun 2 - 7:00am

Here are some things to look forward to in the further adventures of Nolan, Irisa and friends (and foes).

Defiance: Watch the First Two Seasons in Under Three Minutes

May 27 - 3:00pm

Nolan, Irisa, Votons, terraforming, alien possession, political conspiracy, cross-species marriage, advanced technology and even a sneak peek at the Season Three premiere ... get your quick fix right here.

Defiance: A History of the Future

Apr 24 - 4:11pm

From the arrival of the aliens through the first episode of Defiance, take a look into the future - and how a new Earth was born.

Defiance Gets Three New Residents

Feb 4 - 8:53pm

Season 3 brings three new actors ... and three new characters.