Bottom of the World

Well today must be our lucky day, because treasonous, backstabbing, Ambassador-ing Olfin Tennety is in town to tour the gulanite mines. Pottinger – whose knowledge of Tennety’s past crimes helps him stop her from being a total see you next Tuesday to Amanda – leads the expedition, with Berlin and Amanda along, as well. Oh, and Nolan’s dragging Irisa along in handcuffs. No, it’s not anything weird – it’s just that he caught her stealing a terrasphere from E-Rep headquarters and she won’t tell him why. Just normal father-daughter stuff. In the midst of the tunnel, the gulanite lava starts a’rumblin’, causing a collapse that traps Pottinger and Amanda, and kills Tennety. The rest of the party escape and immediately begin a rescue plan that everyone except Nolan thinks is a fool’s errand.

But eat it, haters! Amanda’s alive! She finds Tennety’s hailer and calls Nolan (that Nolan was Amanda’s first call is not lost on Potty). While Nolan is distracted by the rescue, Irisa breaks her thumbs to escape the cuffs, heals in that magical way she has, steals a roller, and manipulates Tommy with kisses and sweet nothings into stealing the terrasphere for her.

Totally oblivious to all of this – and to most things, really – is Christie, who decides to forgive her part-time gangster husband after a good, long, cold shoulder. She’s happy that her brother’s back in town and getting along so well with pops (oblivious) and super stoked to be having some girl time with her buddy, Treasure Doll (oblivious). Alak warns Big Treaz that if she tells Christie about their now-canceled affair, he’ll take revenge. Stahma overhears and knows Alak isn’t the man for the job. After talking to her estranged husband about eliminating the threat, she realizes that she is the man for the job. As usual.

Down in the bowels of the earth, Pottinger is feeling romantic. As the lack of oxygen threatens to kill him and Amanda, he senses it would be a good time for a kiss. Not seeing any better options, Amanda kisses him back. Pottinger then confesses to being a horrible monster, but doesn’t go into details. He insists Amanda knock him over the head with a rock and kill him, thereby earning herself a little more oxygen and a few more minutes to be rescued. We’re not gonna say she does it… but when Nolan and Berlin finally arrive, Potty’s unconscious.

It took a shimmy down a very narrow passageway with Berlin for Nolan to realize he has feelings for Amanda. He and Berlin press pause on their… whatever they were doing…. just as Amanda starts to realize she may see Pottinger as more than a friend.

Nolan kinda forgot about his genocidal daughter – after saving his ladyfriend, he gets a call that Quentin (recently back from visiting his mom in Mendocino) reports a full confession from his dad (possessor of many Votan weapons) that he used one such weapon to collapse the mine on Tennety. Rafe looks at his son, looks at Nolan, shrugs, and agrees to the charges. Quentin skips off to tell – guess who? His MOM! (Also, it’s LINDA HAMILTON). We wish Linda Hamilton was our mom! Quentin tells Linda – er, Pilar – how smart he was in framing his dad and getting him locked up, and in return, she gives him a big slap across the face and calls him a dummy. She knows Rafe always does what’s best for his kids – even if it means locking her up! Probably the best thing he ever did! Big dummy. Oh well, too late now! Dad’s in jail and mom’s cray-cray.

Getting back to Nolan’s genocidal daughter, right this moment, she’s surrounded by her resurrected darlings (now featuring Tommy LaSalle!). She’s suspending the terrasphere above her head, which is making creepy sleep pods grow out of the ship that’s buried below the ground. The pods swallow up her acolytes, and pull them back underground and into the ark. It’s all Irzu’s will, apparently, so we’re not asking questions. But we really want to ask, “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” All we know is, we haven’t seen the end of it!