In My Secret Life

Nolan and Irisa return to Defiance, where they encounter Berlin and some E-Rep guards at the front gate. Naturally, Irisa's a wise ass, always looks pissed off and carries knives AND this is a TV show, she is promptly arrested. At the jail, Irisa has an awkward reunion with Tommy, where she forcibly makes out with him. Tommy's still angry she disappeared for nine months. Irisa starts crying and just says there is something "awful" inside her. Tommy prompts her to confide in him. Irisa promises to do so when she's out of jail.

Nolan goes to see Pottinger about releasing Irisa and encounters Amanda there. They have a warm reunion, causing Pottinger's jealousy to go through the roof. Before he can show it, a bomb goes off in the marketplace. Nolan, Amanda and Pottinger inspect it - it's a Shrill bomb (a bomb filled with tiny, worm like creatures who do maximum damage when they explode). Amanda tells Pottinger Nolan, an expert tracker, can find the bomber. Pottinger agrees to let Irisa out if Nolan helps them.

Detective Nolan quickly figures out, with Rafe's help, that the culprit is a disgruntled miner named Bradley Weddle. Hot on the case, Nolan takes a break to have some flirt time with Amanda where he learns that Kenya has "left town" (subtext: She's dead but Amanda can't deal with it."). Also Amanda is wearing full blown stilettos. In a case of wonderful TV timing, evil bomber Bradley walks into the NeedWant, allowing Nolan to give chase. He doesn't catch him, but Berlin suggests using her security cameras, which are set up around town. While looking through footage, Nolan and Berlin flirt-spar and we learn that Berlin legit believes in the order and structure the Earth Republic brings to citizens (her parents were killed by aliens when she was eight). Also, Berlin references Star Wars, so Chewbacca is still known even after an alien apocalypse. Anyway, Berlin figures out where Bradley hid out - Skeuver's trailer!

Skeuver, as you'll remember, is the Tarr family henchman who is big trouble and slightly resembles K.D. Lang in a white wig. Nolan approaches Skeuver, physically threatens him and learns the target of the bomb was Stahma - and that another bomb's about to go off under her car! Nolan races to the rescue and disarms the bomb. Stahma and the crowd claps at his heroism.

Amanda urges Nolan to reclaim his role as lawkeeper. Nolan wants nothing to do with it - with the Earth Republic in control, he's not sure Defiance is the place he wants to be. Amanda tells him by being in a position of power, they can HELP Defiance. He doesn't give a firm answer. What does happen is he and Amanda start to knock boots. Yes, Amanda and Nolan have sex at last!

Irisa is released from jail. She goes to find Tommy, only to find him locking lips with Berlin! The look of pain on her face is palpable.

Earlier in the episode, Christie, Alak and Stahma take a bath together (yes, you read that sentence right. They're Castithans remember). Christie starts to question Alak if the Tarr family business is on the up and up and he lashes out at her to stop asking questions. Pottinger encounters Stahma in the street and tells her he needs her to stop her underground Adreno dealing because too many of his soldiers are getting hooked. When Stahma lightly pushes back, Pottinger "suggests" releasing Datak from prison if Stahma doesn't comply. Stahma quickly promises to stop the Adreno dealing (claiming "Datak wouldn't be safe out of prison"). Oh, and Pottinger insists on taking the existing Adreno stock himself.

Later, after Nolan catches Skeuver and saves Stahma from the assassination attempt, she orders Alak to kill Skeuver as revenge. Alak is really, really freaked out by this. Charge blade in hand, he goes to the hospital to see Skeuver. He tries to work up the will to kill Skeuver, who goes on the attack. Alak stabs him, partly out of self-defense. Then he goes and pukes on the street. He's got a major case of the guilts! What kind of Castithan feels guilty about revenge murders?

Over in the Death Star, a.k.a. Camp Reverie, Datak plots with Doc Yewll. What they're exactly up to we're not sure, but it involves some religious fanatic prisoner and giving him a charge blade. Pottinger visits and pulls Doc Yewll into a room. He starts to question her on her relationship with Colonel Marsh and their investigation of an underground spaceship and Irisa. Doc Yewll says there's nothing to the story and when she cut open Irisa, she found nothing. Pottinger questions the contents of the safe in her office, but Yewll plays dumb. So, he cuts her finger off. Yes, for real.

When leaving, the religious fanatic that Datak gave the blade to charges Pottinger - and Datak steps in and kills the guy, thus saving Pottinger. When Pottinger later has a private meeting with Datak to "thank" him, he calls Datak out on his scheme to play hero and thus garner a release. Datak doesn't deny and promises to be Pottinger's ally and lackey. Pottinger brushes him off and basically says "no thanks." Datak is TICKED.