Of a Demon in My View

So Nolan is off to Brazil, where he'll be tried for assassination and probably killed. We guess that means this is the end of the ... OH WAIT WHAT'S THAT? Kindzi slaughtered the transport party and staged it as a raid, just so she could keep Nolan as her pet! Some girls, you give them a coat and a smile and they're yours for life.

Of course, Irisa knows none of this, she only knows that the teeth marks in the guards are the same as when that animal was terrorizing Defiance. Since the Omec knew something about those creatures, Irisa knows that's who's behind this. Berlin, who freed her from the wreckage (not sure which is more surprising -- that Berlin is back, or that she didn't leave Irisa to die), hurries with Irisa to the Omec lair but they find no trace of Nolan ... because, by this time, Kindzi has already removed the remaining ark tech from Nolan's brain, lied to him about Irisa being in on the plan, made growly Omec love to him, beaten him for not believing her nutty story about fooling the VC with the staged raid and chained him up in her clone factory underground. Berlin heads back to town to tell Amanda about Nolan's disappearance while Irisa stays behind to find the truth.

When Irisa finally finds her father, he has just freed T'evgin from chains of a different sort: Kindzi stuck tubes into his neck to drain his blood and keep him weak. It takes all three of them –- Irisa, Nolan, and T'evgin –- to subdue Kindzi, but ultimately T'evgin locks her down and makes her promise never to be such a naughty girl ever again ... and he believes her (um, how much blood did that sucker lose?). She then stabs him in the neck, which surprises no one but T'evgin. Nolan and Irisa escape, armed with the knowledge that Kindzi's planning her very first dread harvest.

Meanwhile, Datak is tired of waiting for his wife's lover to come to their house to tell them they're safe, and since Doc Yewll isn't responding to her hailer, he takes the risk of being eaten alive to find her. At that particular moment, Yewll happens to be mopping up a lot of blood, and when Datak gets too chatty about the source of it, she stabs him with a needle full of serum, just like she did with Samir. You may be happy to learn that Samir is not dead, just tied up in a dog cage in a dark room with roughly a dozen or so other Nosy Nellies, now including Datak.

During all this, Stahma stays home and gets to know her conniving servant girl, Andina, who has designs on marrying Alak (who doesn't these days?) but makes it seem like it was all Stahma's idea. Did Stahma also lose a lot of blood?

Amanda is happy to see Berlin, even though she's also still pissed about the time when she deserted the town at the moment of their greatest need. She surveys the fake raid on Nolan's convoy and thanks Berlin for helping her move and burn the corpses to make it look like Nolan was killed in the attack. Moving corpses is a two-person job, for sure, and she couldn't have done it alone.

After Kindzi performs what we hope is a traditional ritual of cutting open her father and eating his heart, she ascends to her almost fully-charged ship to wake her brothers and sisters to tell them of the coming harvest. Bow down, bitches.