The Awakening

Stahma drops into the Lawkeeper's joint when Datak goes missing, and everybody there is like, "Dude, we really don't care that your treasonous husband is gone, 'kay?" Just then, bright lights streak the noonday sky, which seems like a convenient moment for Stahma to tell them that there are thousands of powerful predators waking in the warship in orbit, and they're headed for Defiance. Amanda is furious that Stahma only just now decided to warn her, and Stahma's like, "Really, Amanda? Because everybody told you Omec were deceitful, ravenous overlords, but you were like, 'No, let's give them our gulanite!' But sure, blame the rich, beautiful one. I'm used to it."

Nolan and Irisa track down Kindzi just as she and two new arrivals are feasting on a member of the "lesser races" ... and Doc Yewll is there with them! After shooting Kindzi in the head, chest, stomach, head again, stomach again, chest, chest, stomach, and toe, Nolan and Irisa decide to run away. Back at the Mayor's office, Madame Mayor tells them Kindzi must've absorbed her father's strength by eating his heart (she speaks from research, not from experience) whilst Berlin reports that 13 people have gone missing after appointments with Doc Yewll. Irisa and Berlin go hunting rascally Omecs, but Irisa is sooooo tired of hunting and killing! Can't they just talk to them? Make s'mores? Give out hugs and kisses? Berlin delivers one of her signature stank glares and moves on.

Nolan is giving out kisses to Amanda. As they look for, and can't find, Doc Yewll, Amanda buckles under the discouragement of being the first mayor to hand the town over to bloodthirsty predators. What a legacy! Nolan convinces her this situation isn't her fault, she made the best decisions she could, and then she leans forward and plants a wet one on him (and if you were wondering, yes, there was tongue). 

Datak has convinced Yewll to let him out of the cage to be fed to the Omecs, even though she's been using every ounce of willpower she has to keep him last on the lunch list, but once he's in the lion’s den, WHAM! He whips a blade out of his bionic arm and jabs an Omec through the skull! Then he runs, because there are many more Omec, and stabbing one in the skull is not a swift move. Also, this didn't even kill the Omec (guess he was an old one). Yewll loads the wounded beast into her roller and heads for her office, leading her right into the arms of Amanda and Nolan, who finally yank that damn control stem out of her neck. Her first move is to borrow Amanda's firearm and empty it into the whimpering Omec in her trunk.

Hustling back to the feeding farm, they mow down about half a dozen Omec just before they're about to feast on dear funny Samir, who's so relieved to be rescued by Joshua 'The Butcher' Nolan that he just might write a graphic novel called The Amazing God of the Badlands. Yewll could kick herself in the throat for doing what she did to so many innocents, but since Defiance has YET ANOTHER war to fight, she just doesn't have time for that. Also, more yoga is needed.

Oh, did we catch you up on what's happening with Alak? Stahma finally surprised him with a visit (she waited for a moment when he was holding Luke, so that he couldn't shoot her in the face right away) and told him that his father was missing, the queen of the Omecs wants her dead but first wants to see her suffer by hurting her family, blah blah blah. Alak notes that if Stahma is trying to keep Kindzi from finding her family, it was pretty dumb to come right to his house instead of, say, calling. Alak is now faced with a dilemma: go with his manipulative mother to a safe house, or stay where he is and be free of her?

He turns to Andina for advice, and she's like, "You should go where it's safe. Also, kiss me." So they do! So cute. They're interrupted by a knock at the door, which is Kindzi's polite way of saying, "Hello, I’m here to eat your young." She handily brushes all three adults aside (killing Andina in the process) before clasping the baby in her bloody hands and taking a good, long whiff of her little snack.

And since that's where the episode stops, we're pretty sure that means Kindzi eats Baby Luke. It just makes sense. Who could possibly save him now? Datak? Get over yourself with your crazy theories.

Anyway, bye!