Where the Apples Fell

Alak is back, and he's on the attack! He managed to break free from Rahm Tak's camp, and his first act upon returning to the parental home is to press a dagger to his mother's neck for what she did to Christie. He's poised for matricide when Datak knocks him down and forces him into a match of father/son fisticuffs. Stahma wants some of the action and delivers a few quick blows to the ribs before stepping on her son's hand and telling him how much she sacrificed for his pale, ungrateful buns.

Despite all the punching, Stahma and Datak really are happy to see their son reunited with Luke, which makes it all the more disappointing when Alak tells Nolan, arriving to stop the commotion, that they were spies for Tak and the Votanis Collective. After a couple of their patented "Who, me?" looks, Stahma and Datak throw some punches and leave Nolan to eat their cartoon-like clouds of dust as they run for their lives.

They won't be able to get far, though, not with the stasis net in place and the whole town looking for them. Datak sneaks into his old pal Doc Yewll's office and the Indogene smuggles him in the back of her roller as they go to pick up Stahma. The plan is to exit through the net with a story about Irath flu that only Yewll can cure. But when Datak spots Nolan and company, who have followed the roller across town, he makes a scene so that Stahma, hiding in the shadows, can run free. Nolan takes the former crime lord to the jail cell and aims a gun at his son's head to get him to spill all he knows about the VC plan to overtake Defiance.

But –- surprise! –- Nolan's threat to blow a hole in Alak's head was just a little prank to see what Datak really knew (which is nothing).

And –- double surprise! –- a mysterious stranger rolls into Ram Tak's camp and is greeted with a feast and a thorough shtupping by the General himself. Either this is Tak's wife, or it's Tuesday, amirite? No seriously it’s Tak’s wife. She tells him that the vice chancellor of the Votanis Collective knows he's gone rogue on his mission to eradicate all humans and begs him to come home to her and their sons so he can be granted pardon. He considers it but then he kills her instead. He tells his troops that she was an assassin sent by the humans and their time to march on Defiance is now.

And –- triple surprise! –- Stahma's right behind you with a gun! Actually, she’s in the mayor's office, trying to abduct the mayor. Too bad for Stahma, the mayorship now comes with ass-kicking lessons. The two badasses punch each other all over the office, Eventually, Stahma takes a letter opener to the gut and knocks Amanda almost unconscious, leaving her to stumble to the abode of her only remaining friend in Defiance: T'evgin.

Earlier that day, Nolan appealed to that very Omec to use the satellite positioning system of his ship, which T'evgin denied. Nolan realized that T'evgin wouldn't help them (even though it would mean revenge on the organization who tried to eradicate his people) not because he didn't want to, but because he couldn't. And Alak realized that T'evgin had been getting freaky with his mom. This is upsetting for everyone but T'evgin: Alak, for obvious reasons; Nolan, because T’evgin knew Stahma was spying for the VC and did nothing about it; and Kindzi, because her father lied to her about hooking up with Stahma.

Anyway, Stahma's arrival on T'evgin's doorstep, bloody and desperate for help, may yield sympathy from T'evgin ... but we're thinking Kindzi's gonna feel less than chummy.