Ostinato in White

Seems like the ruthless killing-off of main characters is going to be a lasting thing this season, because … isn't that Yewll running for her life in a dark alley? And getting devoured by an unseen beast? Bummer, we really liked her searing wit. But wait a second … when Amanda discovers the corpse and brings it to Yewll for examination, Yewell is there, in one piece.

Even more odd is when Yewell (assisted by Samir, the veterinarian from Pottinger's bunker) discovers that the DNA of the stiff is her DNA. How can this be? The obvious explanation is that Kindzi stole Yewll's "source print" from that time when she linked up with the drone to save Nolan and Irisa and made at least one clone of the good doc. (DUH, we actually had to explain that to you?) Against Samir’s warning, Yewll straps on some spelunking tools and goes looking for answers in Old St. Louis -- she knows Nolan and Amanda can't be relied on when it comes to choosing between her and Omecs, so this will be her little secret, even if it kills her.

Yewll discovers rows and rows of parts of her own body, cloned dozens of times over before Kindzi corners her and stabs a mind control device into her neck. Yewll will now do whatever Kindzi bids her do, including returning to town and protecting Kindzi's interests at all costs. That could mean ANYTHING … and when she gets home, it includes stabbing Samir in the chest with some kind of serum when he gets too nosy.

T'evgin is not pleased with Kindzi's cloning factory, built to satisfy her desire to hunt the "lesser races" or the fact that Kindzi has moved on to non-clone citizens as prey, but Kindzi won't be tamed. She calls her father a traitor (but still seems to want to freak up on him) and promises that she'll lead their sleeping family in revolt against him. He's left with only one option: put her in a suuuuper-long time-out until she learns her lesson (which could be never). Into stasis with you, girl!

As T'evgin mourns the loss of his daughter, Stahma mourns the loss of her husband and, in a way, her son: though Datak's sacrifice spelled Stahma's pardon, the townsfolk aren't exactly cheerful to see her return, and Alak has threatened to kill her if she comes near. She performs a grieving ritual not only for Datak (still presumed dead) but for the fact that she only has her servant, Andina, left to love her.

Meanwhile, Nolan has been trying to track whatever beast (we know it's Kindzi, though T'evgin is keeping his mouth shut about it) has been killing his neighbors, but the recent deaths in the fight against Rahm Tak have drained him, and none more than that of Inder's kid. He tries to make things right with Inder, but the man is too deep into grief. Nolan, after being grounded from the hunt by Irisa (how the tables have turned!), discovers Inder hanging by a noose of his own making. The feeling of helplessness fells Nolan to his knees, and he's dragged up only by a voice in his head ordering him to stand and fight. At least he's standing …?