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25 years ago, the archangel Gabriel and his army of angels waged war against mankind. Soldier Alex Lannon, whose mysterious tattoos indicate he "The Chosen One," might be humanity's only savior. Along with the archangel Michael, Alex defends the city of Vega against Gabriel.

Catch Up On Past Seasons

Season 1

Aired Jun 19, 2014 - Aug 07, 2014

Dominion Season 1 takes place in Vega (formerly Las Vegas) 25 years after God disappeared because his archangel son Gabriel waged war against humans. Amid the fighting, Alex, an average guy, discovers he has mysterious tattoos that indicate he is The Chosen One— humanity’s only savior. Alex and his protector, the Archangel Michael, try to stop Gabriel's plans to destroy the last remaining vestiges of human civilization.

Season 2

Aired Jul 09, 2015 - Oct 01, 2015

In Season 2 of Dominion, Alex finds a new enemy in the half-human, half-angel Julian. Meanwhile, Claire Riesen must stop a rebel uprising in Vega, while Michael encounters a small town that was seemingly spared from the war between Heaven and Earth.