Dominion News

Syfy Bids Dominion Farewell

Oct 14 - 1:31pm

For two incredible seasons, the angels, humans, 8-Balls and The Chosen One took viewers on an incredible ride, but now it's time to say goodbye.

A Lucifer By Any Other Name

Sep 29 - 7:00am

Beelzebub, Damien and Satan. The Devil goes by many names and also, a variety of faces. See some of them here.

Inspired By Dominion: Don’t Break that Seal!

Sep 24 - 7:00am

Lets take a look at memorable movie moments where the characters didn’t listen, opened the cages and subsequently the world went to hell.

Take the Dominion Personality Quiz

Sep 22 - 12:00pm

Chosen One, 8-Ball or Archangel. Take the Dominion personality quiz to find out which side of the human vs. angel war you'd be on if sh#t ever hit the fan.

Inspired by Dominion: Hot Apocalypse Locations

Aug 21 - 7:00am

The world might be ending but at least we'll have cheese fries.

Bad Ass Brothers & Sisters in Pop Culture

Aug 20 - 7:00am

Just like Dominion's archangel brothers Michael and Gabriel, these other famous brother and sister duos go together like peas and carrots.

Test Your Dominion Knowledge - Take The Quiz

Aug 13 - 7:00am

How well do you know the citizens of Vega? Take this quiz and find out!

Ladies Do the Darndest Things in Heels

Jul 31 - 7:00am

We tip our hats to ladies like Dominion's Claire Riesen who've defied gravity (and all other sorts of probabilities) to kick ass in heels.