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My Horf Will Go On

S1 - E17 |
Aired: 01/20/2020
Head zookeeper Horf has a meltdown that becomes a problem for the humans. 4:07

My Dinner With Horf

S1 - E16 |
Aired: 01/20/2020
Head zookeeper Horf brings the humans home to meet his family. 5:09

The Apparatus

S1 - E15 |
Aired: 01/20/2020
Primus doesn’t trust the humans’ new zoomates…or their apparatus. 5:39

A Small Uprising

S1 - E14 |
Aired: 01/20/2020
June is kidnapped, Jack Primus and the Caveman go in search of her…and find an old friend. 5:27

A Pair of Jacks

S1 - E13 |
Aired: 01/20/2020
Jack has an identity crisis when he discovers he was born in captivity. 5:46

Origins: Earl

S1 - E12 |
Aired: 01/20/2020
See how Earl was abducted for the zoo in our first “Origins” story. 5:28

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