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Aliens, superheroes and villains AND slashers? The artists have a LOT of work to do.

Pirates, mythic czars and Star Wars-esque Bounty Hunters? Good luck with this challenge, artists.

The X-Men, 50s sci-fi and futuristic fashion are the inspiration for this week's challenges.

The artists must create beautiful plant-human hybrids, superheroes inspired by Marvel's Infinity Stones, and Bogeymen based on their own childhood fears.

The artists must create human-fish hybrids, use accounts of exorcisms to create demons, and take on a magical final challenge inspired by spells from Harry Potter.

The artists must create beautifully grotesque spider-human femme fatales, Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired warriors, and classic monsters afflicted by a weakness that can kill them.

Four returning Face Off artists. Three rounds. Two Oscar-winning judges. One winner. Welcome to Game Face.