Face Off: Our Top Looks - Season 8, Episode 2

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 16:06

Sometimes we agree with the esteemed judges of Face Off.

And sometimes ... we don't.

Welcome to the Our Top Looks blog, where we're the judges and we decide what artists did the best work in each episode of Face Off. Join us for a sometimes alternate perspective on the many wonderful characters conjured every week!

Season 8, Episode 2: "Monkey Business"

The first Spotlight Challenge of Season 8 had the three teams (Team Rayce, Team Laura and Team Anthony) creating not one, not two, but three characters: a pair of aliens, and a tyrannical primate ruler.

Top Looks (Judges):
1. Team Rayce

Our Top Looks:

  1. Team Anthony: Primate (Mandrill)
    Just look at this beast. There's absolutely no doubt that he could rule a planet. Really, not even Charlton Heston would dare call this guy a "damn dirty ape" (or, rather, a "damn dirty monkey").

  2. Team Laura: Alien
    A work of class and elegance, with just a dash of creepy. Really, this creature would look right at home on Star Trek, and if it ever showed up one stormy night to abduct us, we'd have to just shrug and say, "Sure! Cool!"

  3. Team Rayce: Primate (White Faced Capuchin)
    She's old, she's wise, she's strong. Beautifully emotive face. Her people (er, her monkeys) both love and fear her. And we do, too!

Next Week: Animal + Plant = ?