Our Top Looks: Season 9, Episode 10

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 07:00

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth ... Face Off style!

This week, the artists were charged with creating their very own Freak Show characters, from Twisted Tom to Icicle Irma to Inside-Out Oscar. Step right up!

Season 9, Episode 10: "Freak Show"

Top Looks (Judges):
Ben (The Human Peacock) (yes, only one Top Look from the judges this week!)

Our Top Looks:

  1. Jordan (The Elephant Lady) (Safe)


    "I am not an animal!" Dear lord, look at this thing. It's a full-body midnight special! And it's even more remarkable considering this is the gorgeous model underneath all that grotesque goodness:


  2. Stevie (Icicle Irma) (Safe)


    We like this one just because she's so ... well, out there, even for a circus freak. "Icicle Irma"? She has icicles on her? Weird. And awesome. Yay, Stevie!

Next week, prepare to go beyond ... The Expanse.