Our Top Looks: Season 9, Episode 3

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 07:00

Love was in the air as the artists celebrated the 100th episode of Face Off by turning real-life engaged couples into whimsically macabre characters inspired by the likes of Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice. While it was most certainly a joyous occasion, the judges still got down to business as usual as some newly married couples (courtesy of ordained minister McKenzie) were deemed ... well, better than others.

Season 9, Episode 3: "Surprise of the Century"

Top Looks (Judges):
Ben & Jasmine (Top Team; Winner: Jasmine)
Ricky & Jordan

Our Top Looks:

  1. Jason & Missy


    The judges were rather strangely unimpressed with the broken-necked groom and his gruesome bride and deemed it a Bottom Look. Jason & Missy were genuinely surprised with their verdict, as were we -- their work pretty much perfectly captures both the "whimsical" and "macabre" aspects of the challenge. Plus the performance of the bride and groom was sweetly amusing as his head repeatedly rolled to the side and she had to keep placing it upright.
  2. Scott & Stevie


    This one was a Safe look for the judges, though we had it at the top of our list with its striking imagery and chilly atmosphere. We could easily see these characters getting their own bedtime story ... one that would guarantee sleep not coming easily.
  3. Ricky & Jordan


    We were in agreement with the judges on this one. If any of the characters belonged in the waiting room in Beetlejuice, it was these nerdy electrocuted gamers ... and the groom's exposed beating heart summed up the entire episode in the most, well, whimsically macabre way.

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