The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 11

Thursday, March 24, 2016 - 07:00

This week, the artists were charged with creating iconic characters from World of Warcraft, the bestselling video game of all time. Some were familiar with the game, some weren't, though all were excited as "The Art of Warcraft" marks the final episode before heading into the semi-finals.

Lo, behold, human ...

  1. Where oh where has the time gone with Season 10?


  2. Here's Mel and Rob. They don't know Warcraft from Pac-Man. They're a little nervous, but they both ended up delivering Top Looks. Who needs a PC when you've got talent


  3. For the record, there are no Vulcans in Azeroth. For now, anyway -- you never know what to expect with the next expansion pack.


  4. If Rob had heat vision, he'd melt his treacherous cowl.


  5. Mr. Westmore has heat vision, but he sometimes has trouble controlling it.


  6. Warcraft is stressful for some models, too. Melissa's Worgen freaked out when she heard she'd be wearing werewolf paws.


  7. Mel's Troll took the zen approach, though. Troll Zen. It's a thing.


  8. Walter got a little confrontational and prepared to dish out some of his own Warcraft in the lab.


  9. Ve wasn't taking no guff from no Goblin. Especially from one that looks like pea soup.


  10. "One green, one bluuuuuuueeee ...!" cries the noble Tauren.


Next Week: Season 10, Episode 12: "Skull Island: Reign of Kong."