The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 13

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 02:45

Howdy, partners! Git on lil' doggies as we merge the world of the Wild Wild West with the art of Steampunk, a strange brew that inspires some of the most amusing facial expressions on this season of Face Off.

Season 8, Episode 13: "Full Steam Ahead"

Last week's Spotlight Challenge had the artists (down to four, FYI) taking a classic Western character — a barmaid (Logan), an undertaker (Emily) a bank robber (Julian) and a blacksmith (Darla) — and re-imagining it as a steampunk cyborg.

That's quite the tall order, as even when the art of "steampunk" is described as eloquently and completely as possible ("A combination of two elements: a Victorian or Edwardian fashion sense combined with technology from a previous civilization that has been rediscovered and is now powered with steam," per Glenn), it still makes for some alarm and confusion.

  1. Alarm for Darla.


  2. Confusion for Emily.


  3. And that's not all. Steampunk can also inspire blank stares …


  4. … temporary madness …


  5. … and cute self-consciousness.


  6. Oh, and whatever it is that Laura's doing here.


  7. Anyway, we love this stuff. Ve does, too.


  8. Oh, we also wanted to include this amazing piece of fan art that McKenzie retweeted, because why wouldn't we?


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