Face Off: Our Top Looks - Season 8, Episode 6

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 17:23

Tromp, tromp, tromp! It's time to find out who we thought conjured the best troll creations inspired by a real-world bridge on this week's episode of Face Off.

Season 8, Episode 6: "Troll Bridge"

Top Looks (Judges):

1. Jamie (Dragon Bridge in Bali)
2. Kelly (Tower Bridge in London)
3. Ben (Python Bridge in Amsterdam)

Our Top Looks:

  1. Kelly (Tower Bridge in London)
    Kelly loves trolls (of course she does!), and we sure did love Kelly's troll (as did the judges). Look at how she's tortured by the memory of her lost child! Look at how hideously tragic she is! Excellent troll work.

  2. Stephanie (Corvin Castle Bridge in Transylvania)
    Here's where Stephanie's knack for all things "vampirey" paid off. Her servant of Dracula, deemed only 'Safe' by the judges, was impressively creepy with its drained, emaciated look. For the dead travel fast - under bridges!

  3. Rob (Tower Bridge in London)
    The judges deemed this a 'Bottom Look,' but we have to agree with Rob himself - this is arguably the most troll-like troll of the evening. We like it, Rob!

  4. Logan (Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco)
    Another 'Safe' pick, we loved Logan's striking masked troll inspired by the many crows of San Francisco. Certainly non-traditional, in a very good way.

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