The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 5

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - 15:01

Have you heard what's going on with The Faces of Face Off?

That's right, we said "heard," 'cause the Spotlight Challenge of Episode 5 of Season 8 had the artists creating a creature inspired by a sound effect designed by Oscar-winning sound maestro Erik Aadahl (Argo, Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

  1. However, before the contestants got down to adding the vision to their sounds, they participated in a Relay Race Foundation Challenge that had Regina almost colliding with Camera A …

  2. Did Regina avoid the collision due to the power of prayer, courtesy of Anthony? It's a sound theory! (Oof.)

  3. Anyway, creating a character simply from a sound effect makes for a daunting challenge, which caused Kelly to pause n' ponder …

  4. Neville was delighted by Julian & Ben's creation, and appreciated the pun-tastic homage when Julian referred to it as a "Face Off Demon" …

  5. Mighty clever, those boys!

  6. Ultimately, Kelly's pause to ponder eventually paid off, as she and Stephanie received Top Looks for their clockwork wife. In the background, Julian's apparently wondering why his "Face Off Demon" remark didn't earn him and Ben the prize.

Next Week: It's all under the bridge!