Face Off Episodes


It's a knock-out, drag-out, no holds barred Judgematch! No, that isn't a typo and yes, we can say our R's just fine, thanks.

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: one of the final three rtists will be crowned champion of Face Off Season 7! It's also the moment we're all kind of dreading, because how can you stand to see anyone NOT win?

Here at Face Off, we make childhood dreams come true. How, you may ask? By bringing the final four contestants to DC Stages, the studio where humans become superheroes, animals become monsters, and makeup artists become legends.

If the first thing you think of when we say "disaster" is "fairy," go ahead and count yourself a true Face Off fan.

This week's Foundation Challenge takes it way back to the very first "Don't Look Me In the Eyes" celebrity: Medusa. The remaining six contestants create their own interpretation of a victim of the snake-haired monster.

It's back to school time for the contestants, but not just any school – high school. Last week's childhood fear challenge was nothing compared to the horrors of revisiting their high school years!

In the middle of the night, while you're slumbering deeply, a cackling voice beckons from nowhere, "Wake up! Time to go!" You stumble through the dark, unseeing, barely feeling, and arrive in a pitch-black makeup lab.

Nothing like being aboard a big ol’ aircraft carrier to get your anticipation sky-high for the next challenge! What could possibly get your heart beating faster? Oh, yeah… Snakes! McKenzie has boxes and boxes full of some of the most deadly of them.

McKenzie summons the contestants to the lab where they encounter a heavy mist and a gothic mirror. She directs them to speak the name of Bloody Mary three times while looking into it.

Somewhere over Sony Pictures Studios towers a giant sculpture of a rainbow, hearkening back to that groundbreaking film, The Wizard of Oz. McKenzie stands underneath the three-story rainbow amid a jumble of teacups and teapots, so the contestants know that whatever's ahead is going to...