Double Trouble

Double Trouble


In the tense double elimination week, both Meagan and Eric Z. must pack their kits and go home.

Heroic Proportions Morphs
Watch 02:27
Crowning the Winner - Season 4
Watch 01:27
The Dream Lives
Watch 02:53
Wayne and Kris - Bonus Scene
Watch 01:29
Extended Goodbye - Eric F
Watch 02:23
Wayne's Morphs
Watch 00:15
Living the Dream Morphs
Watch 00:40
McKenzie Westmore Answers Your Facebook Questions
Watch 02:59
Anthony's Morphs
Watch 00:15
Extended Goodbye - Megan
Watch 02:18
Backstage Breakdown - Bonus Scene
Watch 02:24
Missing Eric Z - Bonus Scene
Watch 01:42