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Episode Recap: That's Lobstertainment!

Dr.Zoidberg promises his uncle—washed-up comedian Harold Zoid—that he will invest a million dollars in his Hollywood movie. 


At a nightclub, Dr. Zoidberg performs a stand-up routine in front of a live audience. His jokes fail miserably, and even Bender and Leela throw tomatoes. Later, at the Planet Express conference room, Zoidberg tells his colleagues that his Uncle Harold was a big Hollywood star during the era of silent holograms. He decides to write him a letter requesting a few pointers. Harold Zoid, who lives in a Hollywood flophouse, sees his nephew’s request as his ticket out of poverty. Zoid responds with a letter of his own, asking Dr. Zoidberg to come to Hollywood for a visit. Leela flies the Planet Express ship to Tinseltown, where the gang goes on a studio tour. Bender reacts with great enthusiasm when the tour leads to the mansion of Hollywood star Calculon, star of the robot soap opera "All My Circuits". Bender manages to ingratiate himself with the actor by acting as his hot water heater. Later, Dr. Zoidberg meets with his uncle, Harold Zoid,who insists he is in the middle of raising finances for a big drama. He tells Zoidberg he needs a million dollars. When the check arrives, Dr. Zoidberg sneaks out a bathroom window. But Harold Zoid does the same thing…and asks if he can count on him for the million dollar investment. Dr. Zoidberg agrees. Bender arranges for Dr. Zoidberg to give Calculon his uncle’s film script. Bender tells Calculon that for an investment of one million dollars, he can star in the movie. He also guarantees Calculon that he will win an Oscar for his role. When Calculon realizes the script was written by the legendary Harold Zoid, he jumps at the chance to do it. With funding no longer an issue, Harold Zoid directs his dream project with Calculon as the star. The night of the big premiere arrives,and Leela and Fry fly to the theater in the Planet Express ship. Unfortunately, Leela mistakes the La Brea tar pits for a parking lot and lands in the black ooze. Meanwhile, back at the theater, the film premiere ends. Calculon quickly realizes that the entire audience walked out. Calculon tells Bender and Zoidberg that if he fails to win the Oscar for his role, they’re both dead. When Oscar nominations are announced, Calculon is not among them. Harold Zoid raises the idea of rigging the awards, an idea Calculon does not find objectionable. As the awards ceremony gets underway, Joan Rivers’ head critiques various actors in attendance, among them Sharon Stone’s head, stuffed in a trampy skin-tight jar, and Jack Nicholson’s DNA reconstituted into a gorilla body. Backstage, Bender drops two seltzer tablets into the jar housing host Billy Crystal’s head, obscuring his vision. Dr. Zoidberg then makes his way onstage, where he presents the best actor award. But instead of giving the award to Calculon, Zoidberg announces that Harold Zoid is the winner. Calculon decides to spare Bender and Dr. Zoidberg because he admires Harold Zoid too much to beat him to death with his own Oscar.