Ghost Hunters News

What To Expect When You're Expecting the Final Season of Ghost Hunters

Aug 3 - 7:00am

Here's 6 things to look out for in Season 11, which premieres Wednesday August 3 at 9/8c. Don't miss it!

The Hunt Continues With Ghost Hunters Season 11 in 2016

Nov 18 - 10:38am

TAPS continues their TV takeover with all-new episodes in 2016!

Introducing The Ghost Hunters' Shari DiBenedetti

Nov 4 - 7:00am

TAPS is getting a new investigator, starting with tonight's episode. Get to know her!

The Ghost Hunters List Their Favorite Scary Movies

Oct 16 - 4:25pm

When it comes to spooky, T.A.P.S. knows a thing or two about being creeped out.

TAPS' Jason Hawes Talks Ghosts, Hunting and Hiking

Aug 26 - 11:37am

TAPS team leader Jason Hawes sat down with to discuss ghost hunting and his low-key life behind the scenes.

10 Ghost Hunters Investigations That Rocked & Shocked Our World!

Aug 26 - 7:00am

Good (read: eerie) things come in 10s.