Happy VS Nick Episode 1

Friday, December 8, 2017 - 19:33

HAPPY! has rocketed into our lives, and it's time to buckle up, strap in, and get on board, because HAPPY! is a fever-dream, sugar rush of frenetic energy wrapped in holiday spirit, as seen through the eyes of The Grinch. And that's just the first episode. There's so much to love about this show that a blog can really only scratch the surface of, so go watch it

Front and center of HAPPY! is the contrast between Nick Sax's garlic-infused soul and Happy's golly-gee can-do spirit! It's the perfect odd couple, buddy comedy. And we've got the gifs to prove it! Presented for your approval: It's Happy VS Nick. Scrooge VS Holiday Cheer.

  • Here's Happy! An unrelenting ball of funshine here to bring joy and love to all those who can see him!


  • Meet Nick Sax! A down-on-his-luck, ex-cop-turned-hit-man, whose life is an everswirling toilet that just won't flush.


  • Nick's the type of guy that would get cornered in an alleyway at 4 in the morning by a bunch of muggers and laugh hysterically as he beat them up and took their money...


  • Meanwhile, Happy looses any and all bladder control when confronted with violence. He's a delicate little flower in a cold and impartial world!


  • Just look at that punum! He's giving Puss from Shrek a run for his money... Someone needs a hug and cuddle ...


  • Just not from Nick Sax, who literally pisses on danger and violence with the kind of cavalier nonchalance that comes from looking death in the eyes and say "sup, bro" *wink.


  • Because every day for Nick Sax is like an undercaffeinated Monday when your hungover from a Sunday Funday.


  • Happy must be kept away from caffeine and sugar at all costs. Repeat. Do not let this unrelentingly ball of energy near any stimulants! 


  • We've only just met Nick, but first impressions are important! He's a downright scoundrel whose heart has shrunk to be 3 sizes too small. For the love of all that is holy, he's freaking dabbing with his scalped sliced off in his own subconscious 


  • And then there's Happy. The most joyful, cute blue-winged unicorn who loses his lunch if things aren't all rainbows and kisses.



If that's not the buddy cop duo of the century, you're brain's been rotted by the holiday season.