Ridiculous, Vile, Demented, and Somehow Sweet. Welcome to HAPPY!

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 15:10

Extra Extra!!! Read all about it! Critics have gotten their mitts on HAPPY! and the reviews are streaming in... 

“…the most insane television series ever made.”
Forbes (, Merrill Barr, November 13th

“…one of the most unique and eye-catching shows of this year, or of any year.”
CinemaBlend, Nick Venable, November 30th

“You’re in for a wild, f@#!ed up ride.”
Hypable, Tariq Kyle, November 27th

“…quite possibly Meloni's craziest project to date…”
CinemaBlend, Nick Venable, November 30th

“…Who Framed Roger Rabbit on acid…”
Slashfilm, Chris Evangelista, October 8th

“…pure candy for your eyes and ears.” (On Meloni)
Collider, Dave Trumbore, October 6th

Drew Deitch of Fandom... said .."Happy!, SYFY's adaptation of the comic by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, already set tongues wagging Thursday with the debut of the first full-length trailer. Online descriptions ranged from “bonkers” to “unhinged” to “[insert Tarantino title here] on speed,” which may not be surprising, considering the source material. But wait! There's more!!!