This One Bar Has Everything You Need ... To Give a Big Middle Finger to the Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 08:47

Are you in New York City this holiday season? Are you as cuddly as a cactus? Do you have garlic in your soul? Is your heart so small that it would make The Grinch blush? Well, clear your calendar and buckle up buttercup because we're flipping the bird to the Holidays with our Anti-Holiday Bar. It's all a shameless promotion of our new twisted TV show HAPPY! premiering December 6. Did we mention there were free drinks during HAPPY! Hour? Glad we could get your attention.

Starting December 1 and all the way through December 10 (basically right around the time when Michael Bublé comes out of his cave) Jingle Hell's is open for business. Head over to 174 Orchard Street and you'll see what used to be The SKINnY Bar & Lounge  ...


This bar has everything your inner Scrooge could dream of: HAPPY! hours, free drinks, F*cked up photo opps, an 8 Bit Anti-Holiday video game, free drinks, crane games, ho ho bingo, dirty caroling, and most importantly free drinks. Get all of the info at


TL;DR In NYC? In Grinch mode? Get free drinks during HAPPY! Hour at our anti-holiday bar: Jingle Hell's. Watch HAPPY! on December 6.