Aradale Lunatic Asylum

The Haunting: Australia team takes on the Aradale Mental Hospital, a psychiatric ward with a ghastly past and a ghostly present. Will Robb and the rest of the gang be able to uncover the asylum's dark secrets without falling off the deep end themselves?

From the mid-1800s, when Aradale opened, to 1998, when it closed, doctors and nurses subjected patients to lobotomies, electroshock treatments and other torturous procedures in the name of rehabilitation. Some 10,000 patients are believed to have died in its walls. Many of them refuse to leave.

In the men's wing, Robb and Allen set up a Tesla coil, a gizmo which will hopefully whip up enough electricity and send it rippling through the air to entice roaming spirits. It's like junk food to them. Rayleen starts her exploring on the second floor, where the ward’s most hopeless cases were locked away in isolation. As she approaches the "Suicide Walk," a covered bridge on the way to the second-floor wing, she has visions of unwelcome people talking behind the doors that make her reconsider going further.

Bad boy Ian seems always ready to go where his teammates aren't - but before he gets too far, he's overcome by a terrible smell. Some paranormal experts say the presence of a foul odor can indicate spiritual activity in an area. Will he be thwarted by a little tingle in the nostrils?

While Ian tests his lung capacity, Rayleen investigates the first floor below, where she gets herself a little lost. Luckily she's being followed by a male entity that seems to know his way about the place! She enters an old surgical wing where lobotomies had been performed but finds it hard to progress because of an intense pain in her head – similar to the excruciating headaches lobotomy patients must have experienced after doctors drove a stake through their damn brains.

Back on the second floor, the still nauseous Ian gets spooked half to death by what appears to be a ghoulish woman staring through the crack in the door he was about to pass and books it out of there. Robb runs in as backup to track down whatever spirit chased Ian away.

Allen and Ian get to work laying down electromagnetic field pumps that pulsate energy into the air that spirits could use to manifest themselves. After setting their devices, they return to where Ian nearly wet himself. While investigating the cell that might have been occupied by the malicious female spirit, both men hear a loud groaning from down the hall ... and again, Ian sees the face of a pale lady peering at him through the crack in her door. Looks like he's made a friend!

While everyone was out and about walking, Gaurav was snapping full-spectrum stills from his tricked-out wheelchair. Back at Surveillance Central, he and the shaken Ian review the photographs and spot what looks like a shadowy feminine figure loitering in one of the corridors. Could it be the wraith of Nurse Carrie, former employee of Aradale? Further analysis might be able to tell us.

But more importantly, where's Ray been all this time? Slacking off? Not in the slightest. He's been mentally preparing himself for when Ian stows him away in the mortuary chiller, where he's likely to encounter a host of disagreeable neighbors. When he realizes exactly what he's about to do, Ray gets cold feet.

During their exploration of the lobotomy room, Ray and Robb notice something amiss: all the sound they recorded on their devices has been erased. Did Robb's finger slip, or is a mischievous spirit to blame? While fiddling with the device, Robb has Allen hole up in a closet and has him close his viewfinder as well as his eyes, making him especially vulnerable to spiritual contact.

Back in the mortuary, Ray is unable to carry on and it's the fearless Gaurav who comes to take his place inside the chiller. Inside the claustrophobic box, Gaurav is more concerned about falling asleep than being possessed by a restless spirit and he makes it through his stay there without incident. Needless to say, Ray feels sheepish.

Upon reviewing their evidence, the team gets a good laugh out of Ian's fright. But when they hear the moaning that Ian and Ray caught on their sound recorders, their chuckling stops. Robb's footage picks up on a similar growl, as well as what sounds like "Panic" while Allen was tucked away in the adjoining room. But the proof pudding goes to Gaurav, whose still of what appears to be a full-bodied apparition makes for compelling evidence.