Australiana Pioneer Village

The Haunting: Australia team sets their sights on the picturesque 19th century Australiana Pioneer Village, a popular spot for the spirits of yore to hang their hats. Have the cottages, which have been refurbished and transplanted from other locations, retained their ethereal essences from the past? Witnesses and tour guides seem to think so; let's see if our paranormal experts agree with them ...

Ian and Rayleen split up to comb through the possessed cottages. Ian stops at Perry's House, which over the years impressively served as a barbershop, brothel and more. It's been reported that the owner Perry put his daughters into prostitution and gave them the top floor of his house to solicit johns. Once inside the bedroom, Ian gets the sense that there’s a teenaged female spirit with him ... and can also hear the sounds of a baby crying.

Meanwhile, Rayleen takes on Cartwright Cottage, where some witnesses report having seen a lady spirit in period dress lurking about. At first Rayleen is unable to enter one of the rooms because of some sort of energy block, but with a little perseverance, she muscles through. After being told by a female spirit not to take a seat on the bed before her, Rayleen hears about her struggles against tuberculosis and the little boy she lost. If only she had him on a longer leash …

While poking about Mitchell Cottage, Ian is given the drop by a bone-chilling woman in a white dress. Gaurav joins him with his full-spectrum camera to try to capture evidence of the intruder. Snapping some pictures, Gaurav feels someone tugging on his trousers. Could it be the cheeky Lady in White copping a feel?

In the schoolhouse, Rayleen senses an imposing male energy upon her, possibly the spirit of the authoritarian schoolmaster who was never one to spare the rod. When she takes a seat in the students' section, Rayleen hears the voice of a little boy afraid of the schoolmaster's scolding.

Robb and Allen are next to investigate the classroom and bring technological tools to capture hard evidence of spiritual activity. After Robb turns on an Electromagnetic Flux reader, the device immediately goes wild ... which is strange considering there's no power that runs to that area of the schoolhouse! Allen’s Mel Meter picks up on EMF and temperature changes in the same area, another indication of a possible spiritual presence.

Taking their technological game to the next level, Allen employs a laser grid and fog machine to better catch a spirit moving from one part of the room to another. After the trap is set, the duo's meters start going off again, this time with higher readings. After laying down a few more toys, Robb and Allen vacate the space.

Over on the other side of the grounds, Rayleen steps into St. Phillip's Church, though she's not in there long before she senses a presence pushing her out. As she approaches the pulpit, Rayleen confirms there's a male energy nearby that's very vocal about not liking investigators like her. The medium doesn't put up a fight and exits.

In front of Perry's House is where the real action is happening. Gaurav believes he saw the curtain of a top floor window get pulled back, and Rayleen and Ray arrive to check it out. They zero in on the curtain and determine that the only thing that could have moved it was a ghostly hand. Rayleen returns to the window one more time, but when her camcorder goes dark and she hears an ominous noise, she splits.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence revealed during the group's post mortem is the sound bite Ian captured in Mitchell Cottage of a spiritual knocking response to his greeting. Ian plays an Electronic Voice Phenomenon recording of what sounds like a disembodied voice telling him to "Get out." But the coup de grace is the footage Robb and Allen got from the classroom that seems to feature a partial apparition slinking across the screen. Yikes!