The Hand You Were Dealt

If you reflect on your life something will stand out in your mind as either the worst or best day of your life. For Duke and Vanessa, the day the Colorado Kid died is significant but neither one of them can remember why.

Duke, being a man of many "resources" takes Audrey to see Vanessa Stanley who's his old babysitter and current Haven High School guidance counselor. Vanessa was also at the scene of the Colorado Kid murder but because she doesn't remember anything, like Duke, she's useless to Audrey's case… for now!

After their meeting, Vanessa experiences two horrible and painful visions. After the second one, she calls her boss Carlene to warn her about getting into her car, but to no avail. BOOM! Carlene's car goes up in flames as she starts the engine, killing her instantly.

Later on, Audrey and Julia (Eleanor's daughter) go out for drinks and some "girl talk". While there, Julia reveals that Eleanor worked on the Colorado Kid's autopsy report and decides to share it with Audrey. Meanwhile, after another premonition, Vanessa tries to save a high school student from being boiled to death in the public pool at closing time, but it's too late and he dies anyway.

Soon, Audrey and Nathan recognize Vanessa as the common thread between both deaths. When they arrive at her house they find pictures of guns, accidents, fires, and a list of names— two of which were crossed off (Carlene and the boy from the pool). The next name on the list is Zander, another high school student, whom they believe Vanessa is going after. Once they arrive at his house, Vanessa tells them that the propane tank under the grill will explode. Duke and Nathan being the "cooperative heroes" they are, rush to dump the tank in the pool and sure enough it explodes under water. Clearly, Vanessa knows something they do not!

It is revealed that Vanessa has visions of the last images people see before they die and the list they found is of people who will die next. Vanessa also says that she didn't experience these visions until Audrey came to visit her at the school. Also, during each vision she feels the presence of another student, Matt West.

Suddenly, Nathan realizes that all of Vanessa's notes and pictures are taken from movies that are screened by students at the Darkside Green. They immediately rush over to the Green to find Matt Kemp, who is a social misfit that unknowingly kills people when he is angered. Audrey has a hard time convincing him that he has a problem because he thinks it's cool and continues to wreak havoc by starting fires. In a twist of fate, Audrey angers Matt to the point that he blows himself up. Unfortunately, Vanessa is hit by one of the fires and dies— just as she envisioned.

Luckily before she dies, she's able to tell Duke about a man with a four compass point tattoo on his forearm that will kill him (sound familiar?) The pieces to the puzzle are slowly coming together and Nathan, Audrey, Duke and Julia won't stop their search until they see the final picture.