Otis and Rev. Driscoll, two well known townsmen, can't seem to contain their disdain for one another as they squabble outside of Otis's bar; "The Rust Bucket". Driscoll is a former frequent visitor and reformed alcoholic who can not tolerate his daughter, Hannah, working there. Now that he has found God, Driscoll disapproves of the "night life" and although Hannah is a grown woman, he comes to relinquish her from the hands of the "devil", also known as Otis.

The next morning, a giant metal ball, which is a part of a sculpture on Green Street, crashes into Otis' bar. Coincidentally, the ball is near Driscoll's church so Nathan and Audrey head over to investigate the situation. Driscoll claims to not condone violence but hates the bar and would rather see it destroyed, especially because Hannah hid the fact that she was working there. To spice things up a bit we find out that Nathan and Hannah had a relationship in H.S. and hid it from Driscoll as well. Sneaky isn't she?

Later on, Audrey goes home to take a routine shower and finds a butterfly on her bed. Suddenly, the blanket threads unravel and begin to wrap her up like a cocoon; covering her body and face. Luckily she's able to make a quick call to Nathan and he's able to come to her rescue.

Nathan and Audrey reason that Driscoll is the likeliest cause for the supernatural force that tried to overtake her. But when they go to confront him, butterflies appear and a supernatural force grabs him by his chain, drags him across the street and pins him to a car like a magnet. Luckily Parker is able to free Driscoll before another car slams into his body. Does he still seem guilty?

Indeed Driscoll is uptight but guilty he is not. In a series of twisted events Audrey discovers that Bobby, an orphan living with Driscoll and Hannah is the one with the butterfly booth, the steel ball replica and the magnets. Bobby's dreams mix the last thing he sees before he goes to sleep with his worst nightmare— the crash that killed his parents and left him as the sole survivor. Bobby is aware of his dream- fueled attacks and tries to prevent them by depriving himself of sleep. Dumb idea because it only makes him sleepier! But, Audrey and Nathan help him find peace when they are placed in his dream (their reality) to reenact his parents in the car. Through this, Bobby is able to carefully guide them to safety after Nathan loses control of the car on the slippery wet road.

Driscoll's inability to be understanding of Bobby's "killer dreams" forces Bobby to move out, but at least he is finally able to stop blaming himself for his parents death and enjoy a good night's rest.