Sparks and Recreation

When a nearby bird is electrocuted, that should serve as fair warning that today's little league game is not going to be business as usual for Nathan and Audrey.  Sure enough, Audrey finds something strange about the way everyone seems to worship Haven's mayor.  In fact, just by his will alone he is able to get the umpire to overturn a pivotal play of the game. 

As soon as the mayor exerts his will, however, everything electrical in the area seems to go haywire.  Flickering lights, flying sparks and a few crashing telephone poles quickly make the innocent baseball game a treacherous one.

Audrey and Nathan think that it was the umpire who caused the electrical surge, since he might have been embarrassed by the mayor trumping his call, but when they go to visit the umpire in the hospital, Audrey again notices that Mayor Brody has a hypnotic effect on people, Nathan included.  Maybe this power has something to do with the power surge.

She hopes to follow up on that line of questioning but a power spike electrocutes the mayor during his press conference right outside the hospital.  Right before her eyes, Audrey watches the "gift" of Mayor Brody's popularity shift to his son, Chris, who is much less liked than his father.

Meanwhile, Duke uses the map he found in the FBI file that Evi stole for him to try to find a way to stop the mysterious tattooed man who is supposed to kill him.  Unfortunately for Duke, Evi already made a copy of the map and beat him to the punch.  While Evi thinks they're looking for treasure Duke just wants to save his own skin.  After a hard day of digging, conning and searching, all the pair ends up with is an ornate box with the Latin inscription, "Love Conquers All."  Could this mean that all Duke needs to do to stay alive is fall in love?  Maybe but it's certainly just the opening Evi has been waiting for.

Back at the police station, Audrey settles on Chris, the former mayor's son, as her primary suspect because she thinks he was jealous of his father's popularity. When a huge power surge at the Mayor's wake puts most of his family in the hospital, including Chris, Audrey has to put that line of inquire on hold. It's a good thing too because at the hospital she notices Chris' nurse is way too attentive and she also seems to be the source of the electric power.

It takes a leap of intuition and some clever playacting, but Audrey and Nathan are ultimately able to uncover the truth: The mayor's wife discovered that he was having an affair with Nurse Lori and had the bright idea to kill her husband and blame it all on Lori. Thankfully, Audrey, Nathan and Chris are able to intervene and even drain the extra electricity from Lori. Now, all that's left is for Dwight, the neighborhood clean-up man, to make things right.

The episode closes with Audrey enjoying the next little league baseball game and making eyes at Chris, who seems to be her new beau.