Friend of Faux

Cornell Stamoran leads a normal life, except duplicates of him keep showing up with sinister personalities. Henry, Duke's young employee at the Grey Gull, is scared silly and for good reason. He saw Cornell kill one of his clones and thinks that his days are numbered. Duke tries to protect Henry but when Duke, Audrey and Nathan kill one clone, another clone appears in his place.

This new clone is crafty. He convinces Audrey and Nathan that he is the original Cornell Stamoran so that he can trick them into leaving him alone with Audrey.  When the real Cornell Stamoran shows up, they rush to save Audrey. Elsewhere in the abandoned resort, Duke and Henry bond while trying to stay alive.

As it turns out, Audrey and the Cornell Stamoran copy (who is now holding a gun on her) have something in common. They both share someone else's memories. Audrey asks the clone questions that she grapples with herself and manages to regain the upper hand—at least until he kills himself and re-spawns elsewhere.

As Adrey, Nathan and Duke make their way to a rendezvous point, Nathan finds a dead body and Cornell knocks him unconscious. Turns out that Cornell killed his boss and hid him in the building. That's the murder that Henry witnessed and Cornell Stamoran's clones have been trying to kill him because he's the only witness.

Audrey, Duke and Henry show up just as Cornell Stamoran and his clone are about to kill Nathan. Shots are fired and when Audrey and Duke run out of ammo things look grim.  With no other way to save Nathan, Audrey talks to Cornell's clone, convincing him that he can live a life for himself, instead of cleaning up after Cornell. He kills Cornell and, with the circle broken, vanishes into thin air.

Once Cornell Stamoran has been stopped, Duke takes time out to call Henry's father to reunite the two of them. Duke sees where Henry's life is heading and wants something better for him.

Meanwhile, Evi, Revered Driscoll's secret mole, tells Driscol that Nathan is keeping top-secret files of "trouble-related" occurrence at the police station.  Driscol acquires the files and uses them to get Nathan fired as chief of police.  Unfortunately for Evi, Duke finds out about her double dealing when he happens to use her cell phone to take a picture of a very inebriated (and liberated) Nathan.