Last Goodbyes

After discovering that a "skin walker" is walking among them, Audrey and Nathan gather Duke, Claire, Vince and Dave at the killer's secret lair. At the impromptu meeting, Audrey explains what's happening and preps everyone for what must come next: A series of interviews to determine who among them is the imposter.

Before that process can even begin, however, Nathan and Audrey discover more dead bodies with missing body parts nearby and Nathan deduces that the skin walker must be trying to construct a very specific look—a custom model.

Later, at the police station, Audrey starts the interview process by questioning Claire, who passes with flying colors before she turns the tables on Audrey. 

Both satisfied that neither one of them is the skin walker; Audrey and Claire call in the rest of the crew for interviews, one by one. When everyone else in their group passes, however, the two of them are forced to look elsewhere.

It's not until much later, when Audrey and Claire are hanging out and chatting about the case, that Claire has an obvious slip of the tongue. Audrey catches the mistake but, before she can react, Claire pulls a gun on her—the skin walker has been right under Audrey's nose all along!

On a separate but parallel timeline, Audrey finds a driver passed out at the steering wheel on her way to work.  Upon closer inspection, she realizes that everyone in Haven seems to have fallen asleep, except her. While she looks for answers, she finds one other person who isn't asleep but, unfortunately, he has amnesia.

After a bit of detective work, Audrey is able to ascertain that the man's name is Will Brady and he's been in a coma since the skin walker attacked him and killed his friend. Soon, Audrey and Will backtrack to the hospital where Will was on life support. It turns out that his two siblings had decided to let him pass away and, somehow, the fear of his imminent death woke him up. The problem, however, is that all of Haven fell into a coma when he came out of his. 

Even though he doesn't want to, Will decides that in order to save the citizens of Haven, he must return to his coma to reverse the curse. Reluctantly, he does just that and it works—the people of Haven slowly wake up.

Once everything is back to normal, Audrey makes a point of reaching out to Will's siblings to convince them that Will can hear them and that he desperately wants to live—he still has some fight left in him yet.