Now that the cat is out of the bag and Audrey knows Claire is the skinwalker, there is no point in pretending: Claire tells Audrey that the reason she wants to find Audrey's son James (the Colorado Kid), is because he knows how to stop the Troubles.  After that, the skinwalker attacks Audrey but leaves her alive.
Back at the police station, Nathan, Audrey and all the usual suspects gather at Audrey's computer to see a composite of the "custom model" woman the skinwalker was stealing body parts to create. The result? Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife!

The team leaps into action and tries to find more information about Arla Cogan but Duke doesn't have to wait long. Arla shows up at his bar to convince Duke that Audrey should go into the barn, despite his feelings for her. Later, Dave and Vince capture Arla but she doesn't have much to say beyond her belief that there is another way to end the troubles besides Audrey going into the barn: An idea that causes Dave to turn on Vince.

Across town, it's time for Nathan's high school reunion, not that he cares. The only reason Nathan shows up is because of a murder under the Haven High bleachers. The odd thing about this murder is that the victim was a classmate of Nathan's—and he still looks exactly the same.

Among some of Nathan's high school classmates who show up are Denise, Janine and Robert, the previous high school dork who is now a motivational speaker and millionaire. After Denise ends up dead, Duke is attacked too but manages to escape … as a teenage version of himself. 

Audrey suspects Janine at first, since she peaked in high school, but it turns out that her Trouble is very non-threatening.  At the dance, it turns out that Robert, the former class dork, is the one with the Trouble. He keeps transforming into the teenage version of himself and trying to kill those people who were mean to him all those years ago. Just when the younger version of Robert is about to kill Audrey, Arla the skinwalker, intervenes by shooting him.
When the dust settles, Robert and Janine discover that they always liked each other and somehow that feeling ends Robert's Trouble. It could also be the beginning of a romantic relationship between the two of them.

As the clock winds down towards the appearance of the barn, Nathan and Duke pledge to do everything they can do to stop her from leaving. Little do they know Arla is waiting for Audrey in her apartment. When Audrey shows up, Arla tells her that Lucy tricked James into going into the barn by himself. That's why Arla is so angry. Arla also tells Audrey that James knows how to end the Troubles without Audrey going away—something she knows Audrey will be interested in.