Thanks For The Memories

When Duke and Nathan realize that Audrey has been kidnapped, they know exactly who did it— Arla.  As they try to find a way to hunt them down, Arla leads Audrey into the woods in search of the barn.  What they find however is something else entirely.  They two of them happen upon Agent Howard and he appears to be waiting for them. 

After sending Arla off to find James in town, Howard talks to Audrey about her interconnectedness with the barn and gives her permission to try and stop her departure.  When Duke and Nathan catch up with Audrey, however, Howard is nowhere to be seen and the dangerous "Hunter" meteor shower that was predicted long ago has begun.

In town, Dwight runs into Vince and accidentally discovers that Vince has Dave locked in his trunk.  It turns out the brothers were fighting because Vince wants Audrey to go into the barn but Dave doesn't.

While James tries to get used to the fact that so much time has passed since he was last in Haven, he falls ill and Arla tries to nurse him to health.  Sensing an opportunity, Duke calls Arla to make a deal … and quickly double crosses her.  Thanks to Duke, Audrey and James are finally reunited but James is fading fast.  Desperate to live, James runs inside the barn and Audrey and Nathan follow him.

Once inside, Audrey and Nathan see just how special the "barn" is.  Just the mention of blowing up the barn causes them to be transported back in time to a moment when Dave and Vince unsuccessfully tried to blow up the barn.  Audrey and Nathan also learn something else: That Nathan is actually James' father!  It seems that James was conceived when Nathan previously went back in time to rescue Duke.

Outside the barn, things are getting interesting.  Jordan and some of the other Guard members show up to make sure that Audrey never comes out of the barn again.  Duke tries to hold them off but he's far outnumbered.  Soon thereafter, Dave, Vince and Dwight show up and Vince orders The Guard to stand down.  It's a shock to everyone to find out that Vince is the leader of The Guard and has been for some time.

Inside the barn, Nathan gets some one on one time with James, his son.  James demands to see Arla and, when she comes into the barn, her trouble stops working and reveals her as the monster she is.  Angry, Arla tries to stab Audrey and stabs James instead.  Arla goes after Audrey again and this time Audrey ends up stabbing her too.  As James lies dying in Audrey's arms he tells her that the only way to get out of going into the barn for 27 years is to kill someone she loves … Nathan.  Something Audrey could never bring herself to do, although it would end the troubles forever.

Resigned to her fate and reluctant to let more people suffer because of her, Audrey finally decides to enter the barn and go away for 27 years.  Nathan and Duke try to stop her but they can't.  When Jordan reappears and starts shooting, the situation gets even more complicated.  After Agent Howard and Nathan are shot, Duke dives into the imploding barn, hoping to help protect Audrey on the other side.