When a filthy, naked man stumbles into the local truck stop and starts eating food without paying for it, the shopkeeper calls Audrey and Nathan for help.  Audrey tries to give the naked man a coat but, instead of taking it, the man turns violent and kills the shopkeeper. Naturally, Dwight, the Haven clean up man, shows up to minimize the damage and Duke takes the opportunity to ask Dwight about "The Hunter" for Audrey.  

At the police station, Audrey has her hands full when a psychiatrist shows up to help her cope with the stress of her job. Later, Nathan and Audrey respond to a call at Tor's farm about another wild boy and they unexpectedly find a whole pack of wild boys sleeping in the barn. They block the wild boys in, but Tor's son Liam sneaks into the barn to look for his missing dog, Jesse. Audrey and Nathan go in to find Liam but, in the process, the wild men are roused and they attack. Nathan has to fend them off by shooting one in the leg.

Across town, Duke and Dwight encounter a huge, hulking naked man that Duke tricks Dwight into restraining. When Nathan and Audrey arrive, the naked man attacks Audrey and Duke gets cut in the process. Everyone expects Duke to have another super-powered reaction, but nothing happens.

Dr. Callahan, who has been tagging along to watch Audrey at work, discovers that both naked men were drugged with a powerful animal tranquilizer, so the team decides to visit Haven Animal Control. During their exploration of the facility, they discover a dead boy inside a cage and deduce that the wild men around town are actually dogs who have somehow been transformed by someone's "trouble."

Once they realize that Tor's dog was actually at the pound when this mass transformation occurred, they assume that the trouble is somehow tied to Tor and they head back to the farm. What they find there is troubling: Tor's son Liam is missing and Liam's dog Jesse had rabies before he transformed into a man.

The town mounts a search, and, before long, Jesse and his posse of dog-humans confront them. With Liam nowhere to be seen and time running out before Jesse attacks, Audrey suggests that Tor talk to Jesse and apologize for the callous way he treated him. Tor is reluctant but he tries it and Jesse soon morphs back into a dog and dies, leaving them at a loss for how to find Liam.

Thankfully, Audrey thinks to use a friendly dog they discovered earlier as a tracker. The dog leads them right to Liam and Tor is forever grateful. Afterwards, Audrey starts to keep the dog but when Duke tells her that "The Hunter" is an upcoming meteor storm that coincides with her seasonal disappearance, Audrey decides to shed some of her attachments and gives the dog to Liam.

Meanwhile, tensions rise between Nathan and Duke over recent events, including Audrey's abduction; Duke and Dwight find a way to get along; and Vince and Dave get spooked when they realize Audrey's abductor is also hunting them.