The New Girl

Jordan wants Nathan to make good on his promise to die at Audrey's hand but Lexie has no idea what's going on and won't play ball.  Tempers flare until Lexie is forced to pull a gun to protect Nathan from being killed.

To buy time, Duke convinces Vince that Lexie needs to fall in love with Nathan all over again.  Vince agrees and Lexie is partnered with Nathan.  Meanwhile, there are still crimes in Haven that need solving.  Most notably a case where a deranged man named Josh has been locked in the freezer at a local restaurant.  When Nathan, Duke and Lexie investigate, the man kills himself.  When Katie the woman Josh was eating with, kills herself too the team knows they have a Trouble on their hand.

As they chase down the clues it becomes clear that Tyler, Katie's boyfriend has a trouble that allows him to possess other people and force them to kill themselves.  Tyler was badly injured in a car accident and now he wants to find a new body to reside in.  He can possess anyone who gives him something which is very bad news for Duke, who gave Tyler a coupon for free drinks at The Grey Gull.

Once possessed, Duke has some very memorable encounters with his brother Wade and his new "friend" Jennifer.  When Wade gives him the advice that killing his old body may force his spirit to stay in a new body, Tyler heads back to the hospital to do the deed.  On the way, he gets stabbed in the leg by Jennifer and Nathan makes the hard choice to send Lexie into the hospital by herself to capture Tyler.

In the basement of the hospital, Lexie makes a snap decision to let Tyler (as Duke) kill himself.  It works out.  Even though he is possessed, Duke's Trouble kicks in and once Tyler is dead, his Trouble ends too.  What Duke wants to know is how she knew to step out of the way.  His theory is that Audrey is just pretending to be Lexie.  He confronts Lexie and, even though she denies it at first she ultimately confesses.  Audrey is back!