When a Haven resident is found frozen in some kind of instant rigor mortis, Nathan gets the call. He tries to bring Lexie with him to help jog her memory but, since Duke just warned her to stay away from Nathan, she demurs by saying she has some paperwork to fill out at the police precinct. Instead, Duke offers to help Nathan out on the case.

At the crime scene, Duke and Nathan get the new medical examiner's opinion and then call for backup from another police officer, Tater, who interrupts his current duty's at Paul's Repair Shop to rush over. Thinking that it was the deceased's cell phone that caused the spontaneous death, Duke and Nathan caution Tater not to look at it but, moments later, he too freezes to death.

In the interim, Jordan has been seducing Wade, Nathan's older brother, with the promise of a powerful destiny in Haven. She definitely has Wade's attention, whether it's because on his thirst for power or his physical attraction to her.  She even convinces Wade to hide hidden cameras in the police station.

These cameras come in quite handy when Wade and Jordan overhear Lexie admitting that she really is Audrey.  Based on this information, Jordan sees her opportunity to end the Troubles for good. Vince, however, knows exactly what Jordan is thinking and tries to stop her. Blind with rage and resentment, Jordan kidnaps Vince and holds him captive while she pursues her plan to "activate" Wade's Trouble: Absorbing Troubled blood. She hopes that if Audrey doesn't kill Nathan, then maybe Wade will kill Audrey. Meanwhile, Duke, Nathan and Audrey slowly deduce that it's Paul the electronics guy who is inadvertently killing people by causing them to see an electronic countdown before they die. 

Unfortunately, Nathan starts to see the countdown himself and the team literally races against time to find Paul and diffuse his Trouble. It turns out that the source of Paul's angst is simple: He wants to ask a woman he likes out on a date. It takes a lot of coaxing and prodding but, finally, Paul takes the plunge and as soon as he does, Nathan's countdown disappears. 

Thankfully, Nathan will live but Jordan will not. Once Wade experiences the Trouble that Duke has become used to, he can't give it up. He even kills Jordan in cold blood just to feel it again. Now the imminent danger in Haven seems to be the recently unleashed Wade Crocker.