After getting acquainted on a much more intimate level, Duke and Mara disagree about how to spend the day. Duke wants to go off in search of the aether while Mara wants to laze around in bed with him. Once Duke is out of the house, Mara calls him and frantically tells him that she's being kidnapped.

Duke goes on the hunt, using all the resources he can and eventually finds out that it was Kirk who kidnapped her. At Kirk's house, Duke runs into Nathan who tracked Kirk down via a surveillance photo. The two of them find evidence that Kirk has been torturing Mara, but no Aether. Since their goals seem to be at odds, Duke knocks Nathan out and goes off in search of Mara on his own.

Later, Audrey convinces Nathan not to be mad at Duke and to offer his friendship instead. When Duke and Nathan reconnect, Duke gets a special delivery: An envelope with Mara's severed toe inside. Mara calls him right after the delivery to confess that she's been playing with his mind all along. She faked her kidnapping, cut off her own toe and even hired Kirk to steal the aether. The goal? To turn Duke into something completely otherworldly.

Meanwhile, Vince is still trying to prove that Dr. Cross is up to no good and he's pulled Nathan and Audrey into the witch-hunt as well. The only person who still believes in Dr. Cross is Dwight, whose judgment might be clouded by his attraction to her. Thankfully, the attraction is mutual. When Dr. Cross and

Dwight finally kiss, it's a magical moment. After a blissful afternoon in each other's arms, they return to the task at hand: Proving Dr. Cross can be trusted.
The next time Dr. Cross is confronted, she finally tells the truth: She's Mara's mother! It's shocking news to all of them, especially to Dwight who must own up to the fact that he's in love with a woman who is from another dimension. Sobering, to be sure.