Now that Dr. Cross has revealed her true identity, everyone has lots of feelings. Dwight can't get over feeling like she duped him, Audrey thinks Dr. Cross must care more about Mara than she does about her and Nathan is happy that there is someone else in town who he can feel.

Over at the Grey Gull, Duke is deeply depressed about Mara's deception. While sitting outside staring off into the distance, a customer approaches him with a minor complaint. Clearly, Duke isn't in the mood and, after the conversation turns sour, Duke ends up infecting the woman with an exploding Trouble.

Horrified, Duke finally goes to see Dr. Cross for analysis. Dr. Cross is quickly able to tell that Mara has turned Duke into some kind of Trouble bomb. Speaking of Mara, she sneaks up on Audrey and pistol-whips her. Almost like sibling rivalry. Kind of.

Duke is upset about his new role as resident time bomb so, after talking to Dave and Vince, he decides to remove himself from Haven by crossing over through a thinny. He reasons with Mara, telling her that he can give her what she wants (escape from Haven) and all she has to do is come with him.

Meanwhile, more Troubles are popping up in Haven. The latest Trouble was created by an overprotective father who- in an effort to keep his children safe- unwittingly trapped them in a dangerous place. Audrey is able to fix the Trouble even as she is rapidly deteriorating.

Back in town, Dave has another one of his visions. This time, he and Vince seek out the imagery in Dave's vision and find themselves just outside of Haven where the mysterious word "Croatoan" has appeared again.

Now that Dr. Cross is completely up to speed, she thinks she can help Haven by re-combining Mara and Audrey into a single person. Sadly, this will mean that Audrey's personality will die in the process. When Dr. Cross executes the ritual, however, it's Mara who doesn't survive. That's good news for everyone except Duke, who "explodes" and spreads new Troubles all over Haven. Who knows what they'll be. Only time will tell.