New World Order

We rejoin our intrepid crew of Haven helpers exactly where we left them: Gathered around Duke as inky, black Troubles eject themselves out of Duke's eyes and into the world.

This explosion of Troubles is the result of Mara's plan to punish the people of Haven. Now, even though Mara vanished when Charlotte tried to merge Mara and Audrey into one person, Mara's evil legacy is sure to live on, courtesy of Duke.

As a result, a whole bevvy of brand new Troubles are infecting Haven and it'll take all hands on deck to fight them off.  While Audrey and her mom, Charlotte, try to retrieve the research that might give them some kind of hint about how to overcome this new travesty, Nathan and Dwight head to the police station to get things under control there.

After much deliberation, Nathan and Dwight decide it's time for the truth to be revealed. Many of the cops in the Haven Police Department (HPD) have never heard of the Troubles, which become very problematic when they try to deescalate situations that involve the paranormal. A member of the force, Alex, discovers that he's Troubled when he starts to freeze everyone –mid-motion - around him. Dwight briefed his team on staying calm when faced with the Troubles, because panicking makes things worse, but when faced with a Trouble among them one of the officers draws her gun and Alex freezes everyone – except for Duke. Duke is able to talk Alex down and everyone is back in motion soon but that's just one problem, among many, that is now solved …for the moment.  

Later, Duke learns that he is immune to all of the various Troubles he just created and his guilt about causing so much pain weighs heavily on him. Ultimately, Duke decides that the town of Haven is better off without him and he walks away, right through the cloud of fog that is keeping everyone else in
Haven trapped (which appeared as a result of a Trouble that shot out of Duke. See below.)… including Charlotte who tried to escape into a thinnie to get out Haven. Meanwhile, Duke hitchhikes and finds a truck driver that picks him up has never heard of the town of Haven.

Audrey, Vince and team track down the cause of the fog Trouble— a dead Joe Sena, who happens to be the father of Alex who has the freeze motion Trouble. With Joe dead, there's no way to reverse his Trouble. Audrey believes that this was all a part of Croatoan's plan, to create an impenetrable fog that would trap everyone in town. But, why?