It's been two weeks of nonstop Troubles in Haven and everyone's patience is running thin. Their tension is easy to understand when you factor in a new Trouble that kills people brutally if they so much as step into the shadows for a few seconds.

Dwight, Audrey and Nathan do a pretty good job of rounding everyone up and housing them inside a local school but, with so much fear, it's hard to keep order. Soon, people are fighting each other for batteries.

In order to stave off certain death, Nathan picks a team of Haven residents to travel with him through Trouble Alley to restore power at the power plant. In the process, they encounter an invisible monster Trouble that kills their engineer, greatly reducing their chances for success. Once they arrive, Nathan hopes that Kira Futcher's ability to create energy will jump-start the generator. It works for a beat but unfortunately, Kira can't control her power and she overloads the generator, tripping the circuit breaker.

At their wit's end, the team breaks up into two groups. Charlotte and Dave attempt to restore power by rerouting power to the city one grid at a time (and, in the process, Dave learns he was likely born in the same dimension as Charlotte - YES!), while Nathan and Kira risk traveling in the dark to find a stockpile of aether, the black goo Charlotte thinks can save Haven from the Troubles. It takes some time, but Nathan does find the aether hidden underground in a mine shaft, now all he has to do is get to it. Except, when he gets back to the school he's all alone - no Kira. He tells her worried husband that she's dead, only for him to accuse Nathan of murder!

Back at the school, Vince shows Audrey a dead body and tells her that Haven has a "no marks" serial killer on the loose. They theorize this is the same killer who killed Audrey's son, James. Said killer must be still offing Haven residents all these years later. As if that wasn't enough, Audrey also learns that Dwight has authorized the "Sandman" (a citizen whose Trouble lets them put people to sleep) to lull any difficult residents into an induced coma.

Meanwhile, Duke is having problems of his own outside of Haven. When Haile, his friend's daughter, shows up looking for money to pay off one of her dad's loans, Duke volunteers to pay it off but quickly finds out that he can't access any of his money. That's the least of his worries, however, when Duke's boss at the car repair shop where he works, tries to kidnap and kill Haile for a payout. To stop him, Duke has to run his boss over with his truck and, in the process, learns that Haile has a Trouble that allows her to pass through solid mass.