The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

We pick up where we left off with Tony demanding justice for his fiancé Kira's death. Tony blames Nathan and wants Dwight to banish him. Audrey has a better idea – a trial. Since Tony wants justice, Audrey proposes that they give it to him. This stalling tactic will buy Dwight and Charlotte time to go and rescue Kira – who's not actually dead – from the mineshaft she's stuck inside, with a rock pinning down one of her legs. She's safe for now with her electricity Trouble keeping her illumed from the darkness Trouble but her strength is weakening.

Meanwhile, outside Haven, Duke has his hands full with Hailie, his friend's daughter who recently discovered her Trouble and is not afraid to use it. Once he realizes that he can't stop Hailie from using her "phasing" Trouble he reluctantly coaches her through the process. While trying to pass through a gate, Hailie nicks off a piece of her heel. Seeing the Trouble blood rouses Duke's instincts but he's able to fight the temptation – for now.

Back at the school, Nathan goes to trial with a brave face while Audrey tries to look for alternatives in case the crowd doesn't vote in his favor. Audrey is worried for good reason, Tony has a notebook filled with incriminating information against Nathan. Tony also knows a thing or two about the justice system- as a former history teacher. Tony accuses Vince and Dave, who are serving as "judges" in the Athenian style case, of trying to sway public opinion in Nathan's favor. The brothers scoff at this notion. Tony calls their bluff by proposing a new punishment for Nathan-- death.

Unable to detour Tony's mission to bring Nathan down, Audrey tries to solve the darkness Trouble. Win some, lose some? Audrey finds out that some thugs -yeah, they do that in Haven too- have been killing people in an effort to find whoever is causing the darkness Trouble. The thugs' rhyme of reason is that since they saw a bearded man with a yellow bandana walk out of the darkness unharmed, they'll throw any dude with a beard into the dark until they pin point a survivor/Troublemaker. That's really smart guys - except it's not! Audrey is able to stop the thugs (hee!) with the help of Grayson, a hearing impaired man, who has a powerful screeching Trouble he can use at will.

Later Audrey and Grayson work together to discover that it's Tony who is causing the darkness Trouble. They spot an old school photo of him with a beard and notice that he's got a yellow bandana in his back pocket. When Audrey tries to tell Tony he's causing the darkness, he denies it all - naturally. It isn't until Nathan gives an impassioned speech over the school's PA system that Tony takes a hard look at himself and accepts that Kira doesn't want to marry him and that her rejection is what caused the darkness to grow inside him and spread over Haven. Once he does, the darkness Trouble vanishes immediately. Just in the nick of time too, since Dwight and Charlotte are trapped in the dark across town. After they realize they are no longer in danger, Dwight and Charlotte find Kira and the aether. Even better, Charlotte thinks there is more than enough to fix the Troubles. She also drops the bomb to Dwight that she once planned to eradicate all Troubles and Troubled people to protect against a greater evil that she lost her husband to. Oh and Audrey also discovered that Tony can't remember where or who he got the burn book on Nathan from. He says he felt like he lost time and then he woke up with the book. Hmm…

In the outside world,  Duke has his hands full with Hailie, She's decided that she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and starts robbing banks, because you know, why not. Everything's going well until a cop shows up and shoots Hailie in the arm. When her Trouble blood splatters on Duke's face, Duke goes all black-eyed killer on us. Eeeep! Hailie outruns him until he corners her in a storage unit but luckily, her phasing through solid mass Trouble kicks in and she's able to escape while also locking Duke inside the storage unit so he can calm the F down.

Back at the school, all seems well, especially since Kira has returned but when Audrey can't find Grayson, she gets worried. Once she finds him, Grayson is sitting in a chair, eyes wide open – asleep. "The Sandman...", says a shocked Audrey. But before she can make another move, The Sandman steps out of the shadows and puts Audrey "to sleep". "I always hated that name". Uh oh, guys.