With Charlotte dead, killed by Croatoan (15 puncture wounds to be exact. Ouch!), tensions are running high in Haven. Dwight and Audrey are especially upset about the loss and they turn their attention to Dave to help them get revenge by having another one of his visions to see where Croatoan will strike next.  

Meanwhile, outside of Haven, the ghost of Walter Farady, in all its corporal form, is schooling Duke about his family's past and his future. Starting with story of Roanoke Island, a European settlement where everyone disappeared. The settlers came to the United States to escape persecution but so many Troubled people in one place attracted the attention of Croatoan, who can best be described as the Grim Reaper of Troubles, for the sake of this recap. Stay with us… so, Croataon wasn't strong enough to escape The Void to make good on his claim to all the Troubles, so he turned Duke's great-great grandfather into a collector who could act in his place. To collect the Troubles, the elder Crocker killed every man, woman and child on the Settlement. While that sinks in, we fade back to...

...Haven, where Nathan and Vince try to piece together all of the scattered information Charlotte left behind, so they can figure out what exactly Croataon is after, how they can stop him and how they can build a new Barn. Vince declares "If only we could talk to Charlotte one last time." Off that thought, Nathan has the bright idea to rope in Ona, Lainey's (of the tarot card Trouble from the last episode) sister. Ona's able to communicate with the dead… as in she can actually bring them back! Unbeknownst to Lainey, Ona brought back Lainey's dead husband, Herb as well as a few dozen other people. Ona's been telling Lainey that she's been "communicating" with Herb from the "other side". You bet your ass you have, Ona. Side note: Herb and Ona were in love behind Lainey's back the first time Herb was alive. With this new information – the bringing people back to life, not the affair part- Nathan wants Ona to bring Charlotte back, too. Once Charlotte is brought back she can barely remember what happened to her, but once some of the memories start coming back to her she takes off, disoriented and confused.

Back at Dave's house, Audrey and Dwight try coaxing Dave with liquor, naturally, to have one of his visions and Dave is understandably reluctant because the visions cause him to feel all the anger, rage and fear that are a part of the great green unseen (AKA Croatoan). When Dave finally slips into his vision which draw up the last few moments of Charlotte's life, Croataon speaks directly to Dave and says, "Since you like to watch, Dave. Look at this." And then he shows Dave a gory image of dead Charlotte. Well, that was mean. Later, a pistol toting Dave decides to take matters into his own hands and uses the Rougarou device (first seen and used in the "Shot in the Dark" episode), to track the vial of aether and subsequently Croatoan who's also looking for the aether… which was in Charlotte's bag…  which just so happens to be missing. Got all that? Dave and Vince later find Charlotte's bag at The Haven Herald. We'll get to why and how it ended up there at the very end of this recap. Hang on for a sec…   

In Duke's world, he keeps probing for answers about what Croatoan is after and how he's connected to it all. So in a very Ghost of Christmas Future move, Walter Farady touches Duke's forehead, transporting him into a version of Haven that's more Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome than quaint New England town. There, Duke finds Vicki, who's Trouble allows her to restore a period in time through her drawings, and she tells him that everyone in town except for her and Vince are dead. When Duke finds Vince he's all silver eyed and "we're all going to die by Croatoan's hand." But then Duke is like, "Well, screw that" and goes after Croatoan with a stick, because... yeah.

Duke phases back to what he thinks is present day and encounters an oak tree that's bleeding Trouble blood. Touching the tree, turns him all black eyes and he murders another version of ...HIMSELF. If you're confused don't worry, at this point, Duke is still dreaming. So then, the "Other Duke" who isn't dead after all tells Duke some startling news: Duke is the Fulcrum, like his great-great grandfather from Roanoke Island. He will either save his friends or kill them all. Before he can process this information Duke's awakened, for real, by Seth who tells Duke that he's been mumbling in his sleep. But Duke knows that it was more than just a dream and he decides to go back to Haven, leaving Seth behind.

Speaking of back home, things turn for the worse when all the people Ona brought back to life start turning into flesh eating zombies, as one does when they've been brought back from the dead. It seems that once the undead are reminded of their deaths, it "turns" them and they go back to the people that remind them most of their lives before their deaths so that they can eat them. Information is key and since Dwight doesn't yet have this intel, he finds Charlotte, who you'll recall ran off, and urges her to remember everything from the final moments of her death. Because, interesting plot twists are important, team.

When the zombies start to come after Ona at the police station both Charlotte and Audrey have to calm her down to deactivate her Trouble. Once Ona is level, the Zombies start dropping dead in the order she brought them back, putting Charlotte on borrowed time, again. She uses her last few minutes to tell say goodbye to Dwight and to drop yet another bomb on Audrey: Dave is the person who killed her! And that's how Charlotte's case with the last remaining vials of aether ended up at the Haven Herald.