Close to Home

At the top of the episode, it's the morning after Audrey and Nathan's "Yay, you made it back from 1983" celebration (wink, wink) and they're as happy and sappy as can be until Nathan mentions that he's going to have to go into The Void to get the controller, once Duke comes back to town. This worries Audrey, and us too, because: what if something happens to Nathan inside The Void? ... And why can't they ever have more than 24 hours of peace without having to save the world? Before any of us gets the chance to get too much into our feelings about it all, Duke walks through the fog and back into Haven with Hailie Colton (he must have bribed her) at his side.

Nathan brings Duke up to speed about the goings on in Haven and his impending trip into The Void. Duke is less than jazzed and tells Nathan about the vision he had: Nathan goes into The Void, doesn't come back and as a consequence Haven goes to shit. Nathan, ever the optimist, quips "So, make sure I come back." Next, Audrey and Nathan give Hailie (the daughter of Barbara Colton from the last episode), a magic Void ring and a brief education on thinnies.  Hailie takes a sip from Nathan's optimist well spring and says as along a she "stays connected", she'll be able to keep opening and closing the thinnies every two hours  (side note: humans can't last long inside The Void) to make sure Nathan has a way out. When Nathan steps inside The Void, which looks like winter in upstate Michigan he stumbles across ...William, Mara's former beau.   

Meanwhile, back in Haven at the Crocker family house, Audrey's upset that Duke left Haven when the town needed them the most, Duke is upset that Audrey and Nathan are always "needing" him. We side with Duke and then Audrey storms off just as another lady who's pissed at Duke walks in. Remember Lisa from the Season 5 Episode "Chosen"? When the Troubles started seeping out of Duke's eye sockets, she was one of the first people he Troubled. Now, anything she touches, including her boyfriend Jeffery, shatters. With Duke back in town, Lisa is ready to shatter him. She's given this a lot of thought, team. The problem is that Duke is immune to any Troubles that he created, which further upsets Lisa, so then she has the bright idea to touch the floorboards and blow up the house with Duke in it. Audrey is able to talk Lisa down by telling her about the plan that's underway to get the controller from The Void and end the Troubles for good. While Lisa is hopeful, Hailie, who really likes being Troubled because it makes her feel special, closes the thinny, trapping Nathan inside.  

On the B-side of things, to prevent Dave and Croatoan inside of him from killing anyone else, The Guard has put Dave in jail, zip tie handcuffs and all. Vince recruits Dwight to help him figure out a plan to free Dave from Croatoan's hold and after a few dead ends, the guys realize that they can use the Trouble that belongs to Boyd Davis. This was the same Trouble Duke used to split Mara and Audrey in two at the beginning of Season 5. Vince theorizes that once Croatoan and Dave are split apart, they can kill whatever form Croatoan takes on without harming Dave in the process. It sounds simple enough, so that's why we were so bummed when Dave/Croatoan ends up killing Boyd before he can help him. Oh, Dave.

Back inside The Void, Nathan forms an unlikely alliance with William. If William will help Nathan find the wreckage of the old Barn, which includes the controller, Nathan will show William where the thinny is so he can escape. Oh and the rub is that William still thinks that Mara is alive back in Haven. This bodes well until the two find the controller, which can best be described as icicle kryptonite, and Storm Audrey- we'll call her- shows up. She's a template of Audrey/Mara/Sarah/Lucy/Lexie that lives in The Void and she wants to make sure that the controller is going to the right person so she asks the guys, "Why was the Barn created?" Smug William answers incorrectly so Storm Audrey is about to destroy the controller, but Nathan saves the day by explaining that the Barn was created to teach Mara a lesson about being a good person and what not. This satisfies Storm Audrey, but this dissatisfies William who then realizes that Nathan's been lying and Mara is dead.

Nathan makes off with the icicle kryptonite with William hot on his trail. The two have a good old-fashioned fistfight and just as Nathan's about to escape, Hailie, who's having a Trouble tantrum on the other side, traps both guys inside The Void.