Blind Spot

It's been a week and we still can't believe that Dave's gone. But sadly, team, he is.

Since Croatoan is now coming for Audrey, Nathan decides to keep her hold up inside the Haven police station. The Guard and other local volunteers are hard at work installing security cameras and securing the perimeters. They don't know what they're up against – a green mist or something worse – so they're trying to be prepared. Well, as prepared as they can be when fighting a mass murderer from another dimension.

Understandably, tensions are high: Laverne, a Haven police officer is pretty crabby over the walkie-talkie and hates having to work with The Guard and Vince is having a guilty conscience meltdown about Dave's death and Croatoan's growing causality list. Luckily, Gloria's on hand to give Vince a sedative. But things take a turn for the worse (if that's even possible given the current state of things) when the group discovers that Carl, who was supposed to be securing the perimeters with his acid Trouble, has been murdered and stuffed into a utility closet. He's pretty bloody and bruised up, which isn't usually Croatoan's M.O. but there's no way to rule out the big, bad green as the culprit. Faster than we can ask, "Is Croatoan in the police station?" a poltergeist Trouble locks Audrey inside of an office.

When Audrey tries to shoot the lock off the door, the light fixture comes crashing down, knocking her gun out of her hands. And then, when Nathan and Duke try, to no avail, to break down the door to rescue her, all three notice that the security cameras, which weren't online yet, are "watching them". After having a little chat with the ghost a la "ring the phone once for yes and twice for no" the team figures out that it's Laverne, the crabby Patty from the walkie talkie, who's causing all the ruckus. She's a member of the Holloway family and they all have a Trouble that merges a person with a building. But they soon find out that Laverne's Trouble is the least of their concerns, when she's able to communicate to them that she wasn't the one who killed Carl. So Croatoan is in the building and they have no idea what he looks like or how he might strike next. Uh oh...

Audrey tries to get a handle on the situation by talking to Laverne to see what she knows about Croatoan's presence in the building. Turns out, she doesn't know much but she's willing to help Audrey and Nathan after Nathan threatens to blow up the building. That'll do it. Meanwhile, Nathan sends Duke to the armory to get the "Plan B", a grenade Dwight gave him earlier in case of an emergency.

Through a laptop, Laverne shows Audrey and Nathan every camera's vantage points throughout the building. So through Laverne, they have "eyes" everywhere, which is a start. The next part is getting the aether core and the controller to work, so they head over to Dwight's office where Audrey last had it. Even though she really wants to figure out how to get the two pieces to work, Audrey, for the life of her can't seem to work her magic. All seems lost until Agent Howard shows up and drops a little science on us: He is actually a manifestation of the controller, and he was created as a correctional facilitator to rehabilitate Mara. And he can only take orders from authorized personnel and to him Audrey is just an "overlay personality." Ouch. Also, he's still pissed that Nathan shot him, that one time. And after all this, he disappears.

And then the day continues to get better (that's sarcasm of course) when the power goes out. Croatoan's found a way to blow the main power grid to the station. Vince regains consciousness and Gloria has a heart to heart with him about grieving. We don't have time to get too sentimental because everyone needs to get to the bull pin of the office STAT. Duke makes a brief reappearance and then takes off again with Alex Sena, of the freezing everyone in place Trouble, to try and get the power back on. Meanwhile, Audrey and Nathan try to work with Laverne on their end.

The Holloway Trouble taps into a person's instinct to protect the people they love. Using this logic, Audrey tells Laverne (through the computer) to concentrate on that protective instinct and generate the power outward.  It works and the laptops start to come on. Audrey then tells Laverne to expand into the building like it's her own skin and then travel those feelings through the electrical lines. Next, Laverne's put to task to show Duke, through his camera phone, how to fix the main power grid. Audrey, Nathan - and us - watch him on baited breath. But then something knocks him out. Audrey and Nathan head to the basement and find Duke's phone and a puddle of blood, but no Duke.

Nathan asks for Laverne to go through the footage to figure out who or what flipped the breakers. Audrey demands that Agent Howard bring his ass back and surprisingly, he does. She begs him some more to please create The Barn so they can stop Crotoan and Howard tells her some more that she's an overly, so no! Annoyed with his antics Audrey tells him that Charlotte and Mara are dead and now she's here to stay, so deal! She also tells him that she's willing to die for the sake of everyone at the police station and everyone in town. This seems to be enough to convince Agent Howard that Audrey is the selfless and compassionate daughter Charlotte always wanted, so he vows to create The Barn to protect her and her friends.

He grabs the core and is about to work his magic when he starts to splinter in and out. While he's breaking up like bad cell phone service, Agent Howard is able to tell the gang that the core has been cracked by something corrosive – Carl's, who was stuffed in a closet earlier— acid Trouble.  But how'd Carl's acid Trouble get to the core? Glad that you asked… Laverne then shows everyone the footage she found from earlier in the day, Duke, possessed by Croatoan, murdering Carl and phasing in and out of walls. Oh and that blood puddle next to Duke's phone? It belonged to Alex Sena, so now Duke can also freeze people in place. As a last ditch effort to protect Audrey, Nathan shoves her into Dwight's office and Laverne locks her inside.

Duke shows up looking murderous and freezes everyone in place and calls out for "Auuuuuudreeeey" in his best Jack Nicholson from The Shining type of way. Audrey tries to reason with Laverne to let her out of the office and we try to reason why she would want to do that because in the office we would STAY! Duke starts knocking people over and watching them crumble because possessed by Crotoan, he's evil like that. Audrey somehow convinces Laverne to let her out of the office and we still wonder why in the hell she would want to do that, but we've got an hour to fill so we get it- sorta. As soon as she comes out of the office, Duke freezes Audrey, of course, and makes off with her, through a wall. Nathan and everyone else at the station are unfrozen and then Vince and Gloria cry it out, and we do too. It's been a rough couple of weeks in Haven.

When Audrey wakes up from her frozen stupor, she's in a cute little house off the grid somewhere with evil Duke watching her. He says, "he's chosen his destiny and it feels good." And then he introduces Audrey to his boss and her dad, Crotoan, who also happens to be William Shatner, guys!