Duke's busy being bad and his next victim is Victor Kirby, a Troubled dude who can foresee the death of anyone he touches. So naturally, Duke wants his Trouble so he can pass it on to Croatoan because that's their deal.

After Duke kills poor Victor he shows up – and by show up we mean stands outside and glares - at Dwight's safe house where Dwight's been hiding his daughter, Lizzie. The only other person who's privy to Lizzie's resurrection is Vince and surely he can keep a secret. Oh and speaking of Vince, as the new controller of The Barn he can't yet figure out how to restore the aether core. Oh and the crystal controller? Duke wants it. He comes baring the news that if Dwight, who hid the controller, hands over the crystal to Croatoan then Croatoan will allow him to keep his resurrected daughter, Lizzie. This leaves Dwight pondering a decision that we're glad we don't have to make.

Meanwhile, Audrey has been reunited with Nathan and just when we were about to breath a collective sigh of relief, mean ole Crotoan shows up and brings Nathan gift– a clone of Audrey to skip town with! Since Audrey loves Nathan so much, Croatoan's trying to do her a solid – in his own sick way – by sparing Nathan from the agony that's to come in Haven. Naturally, Nathan doesn't take the offer. Instead, he and Audrey get to work on fixing the aether core by enlisting the help of Gloria's intern, Vicki, whose drawing Trouble allows her to restore things to their natural form. It's a great idea until Duke shows up wielding a knife. With the help of Laverne's poltergeist Trouble they're able to slow him down a bit, but then Duke gets a hold of the drawing and rips it. The aether core then crumbles – along with all hope – in Audrey's hand.  Next, Duke cuts his hand and is about to pounce upon Vicki but then something happens that changes Duke's course… Instead of begging for their lives Audrey gives a really touching speech about identity that compels Duke to drop the knife and the tough guy act. They embrace as Croatoan seethes across town.

Pissed that he's been betrayed, Croatoan starts taking the Troubles out of Duke and it looks like it's about to be another Trouble explosion in Haven until Duke says "you have to kill me." You'll recall that whenever a Crocker dies the Troubles they've collected stay with them. Duke, "I have to show Croatoan that I'm nobody's bitch." Ordinarily, that line would make us laugh, but given the circumstances it just made us really sad. Nathan begrudgingly does what absolutely no one wanted to do – he smothers his childhood friend, Duke. Victor's vision came true – Duke died at the hands of someone with a Guard tattoo, although none of us saw it coming that the tattoo would belong to Nathan. Duke's final moment is about as awful and gut wrenching as you can expect.

Later, while Audrey mourns the loss of her friend and the aether core, Nathan goes for a walk and stumbles right into the hands of Croatoan, who with a single touch, transports Nathan and the clone of Audrey beyond the shroud of Haven. We find them at a random diner in a seemingly picturesque life, but clone Audrey and Nathan get a sense that something is off. Back in Haven, Croatoan does what any sociopath father in his shoes would do; he lies to Audrey and tells her that Nathan abandoned her for the clone. Then, Crotoan shows her a swelling cloud in the sky that's filled with aether and will soon open a door to The Void, raining Troubles on everyone that's left in Haven.