Nathan, on the run with Mara, solicits Duke's help. Duke isn't happy about helping Mara but he hopes that Nathan will come to his senses soon and realize that Audrey is gone forever.

When two members of The Guard happen upon Nathan and Mara, Nathan has to act fast to overpower them. In the process, he feeds them the wrong info about their destination.

Then Nathan takes Mara to a secluded cabin where he tries to recreate moments from his past with Audrey. For the most part Mara is unfazed but just when Nathan is about to give up; Audrey shows up and tells Nathan to keep trying. Nathan hopes that continuing to give Mara the right stimulus cues will enable Audrey to assert herself and break free of Mara's control.

Meanwhile, back at the Grey Gull, Duke finds his friend Jody hiding out and looking for help. It turns out that Jody has a very lethal Trouble. She absorbs light and shoots it back out of her body, destroying anything or anyone nearby. Sadly her Trouble has made Jody deadly to her own family. Dwight and Duke attempt to help her but, the more progress they make, the more obvious it becomes that they need Mara to undo the Trouble. After exhausting every other option, Duke finally admits that he knows where Nathan and Mara are hiding and promises to bring them back.

When Duke arrives at the cabin, he unwittingly ruins the progress that Nathan was making. Duke's presence brings back the Mara personality in full force. Since Mara has all of Audrey's memories she knows that Duke has a soft spot for Audrey too. She tries to seduce Duke but it doesn't work.

After Duke refuses to release her, Mara tells Duke that he is about to explode. She says that she can reduce the pressure building up inside him by releasing a relatively harmless Trouble but she needs a list of the Troubles he has absorbed first.

When Nathan goes off to retrieve the list of Troubles from its watery resting place, Dwight bursts into the cabin. It turns out that he followed Duke and, now that he's found Mara, he has no plans to let her go, even if it means saving Duke's life.