Much Ado About Mara

True to her word, Mara helps Duke release a Trouble to relieve the pressure in his system, but the Trouble she releases causes him to speak gibberish. She claims that if she hadn't released a Trouble from his past, one would have erupted out of him anyway and it might have killed everyone in the area.

Dwight isn't moved by the apparent show of compassion and neither is the rest of The Guard who are out for Mara's blood. While Dwight interrogates Mara, Nathan returns to the cabin with the Croker's journal of eliminated Troubles.

The Guard chains Duke and Nathan together and, with nothing else to do, they try to figure out how Duke's new gibberish Trouble works. It turns out that the Trouble is fueled by guilt, a secret that Audrey tried to tell him when she was able to break free of Mara's personality for a brief moment. Once Duke realizes the reason for the Trouble, he can speak again.

So, now that Duke knows Audrey is trapped inside Mara too, all they have to do is convince Dwight but he's not in the mood to listen.

Meanwhile, across town, Dave has finally been released from the hospital and he and Vince have resumed their tumultuous but loving brotherhood. Since Vince feels that Dave is being less than forthcoming about the secrets that lie in the dimension where William lives, he suggests therapy with Maddie, a.k.a. The Iron Maiden.

The therapy session goes well until Maddie decides to hypnotize Dave. Once she does, she learns more than she bargained for: Something has followed Dave back from the other dimension. Something dangerous. Just when she's about to tell Vince about it, the thing attacks her and blocks her memory. It's only by looking at her notes that Maddie can recall what happened during her session with Dave. Now, all that remains is to decipher the mysterious word that Maddie wrote in her journal—Croatoan.

Back in the forest, things are heating up, literally. After Mara "heals" Jody, birds and people in the area started dying fast. After a bit of deductive reasoning, Dwight is able to figure out that Mara didn't heal Jody at all, she just made Jody's Trouble invisible. After that, only Duke can talk Jody down enough to stop her Trouble completely.

With that problem out of the way, they can finally refocus on Mara. Dwight, Duke and Nathan launch a three-pronged psychological attack on Mara and it works! Audrey emerges but sadly, she can't fix the Troubles and she can't completely overpower Mara.

In the end, Mara takes over again and vows to kill the remnants of Audrey within her.